Koenig Equipment Implement Membership Program FAQ

Koenig Equipment Implement Membership Program FAQ

Property owners have an endless list of projects to achieve their dream property, many of which require specific implements compatible with their John Deere compact utility tractor. Koenig Equipment's Implement Membership rental program is the key to expanding your tractor's capabilities with access to aerators, blades, disk harrows, pallet forks, post hole diggers, rotary cutters, tillers, and more.

Read through some of the questions below that the team at Koenig Equipment has been asked about the Implement Membership program. Don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

What is the Implement Membership program?

The Implement Membership program is an exclusive benefit for owners of John Deere compact utility tractors purchased only at Koenig Equipment. It offers year-round, members-only rental access to high-quality implements.

What capabilities does the Implement Membership offer?

With an Implement Membership, you can aerate and beautify your lawn, landscape like a pro, level gravel driveways or fields, till, seed, and nourish gardens, build a fence for your pasture, clear a path in your woods, and much more.

What implements are available for rental through this program?

There are over 20 implements available for rental including aerators, blades, disk harrows, grapples, land planes, landscape rakes, pallet forks, post hole diggers, rotary cutters, spreaders, tillers, and more.

For how long can I rent implements through this program, and how does the rental process work?

Implements can be rented for up to three days, allowing the opportunity to rent equipment from Friday-Monday for weekend use. Equipment must be returned during regular business hours.

To rent, members must text 937-858-5304 to coordinate transfer and pickup of implements. Payment for rental is required prior to taking pickup/delivery of the rental unit. Delivery is available for a fee, and requires a 5-day minimum notice.

What are the benefits of the Implement Membership program?

The benefits of the Implement Membership program include:

  • iMatch™ Quick Hitch included, allowing quick and easy hookup of all Category 1 implements
  • No storage requirement for the implements
  • An affordable way to expand your tractor’s capability

What is the cost of the Implement Membership program?

The Implement Membership purchase price is $1,500 if purchased without financing. Price includes the iMatch™ Quick Hitch.


How can I finance my Implement Membership?

The cost of Implement Membership can be financed for under $12 per month when purchased with a new John Deere compact utility tractor for one monthly payment. (Payment based on financing for 84 months)

Can I purchase an Implement Membership on a used tractor?

Yes, used tractor purchases are eligible for Implement Membership if purchased from Koenig Equipment. Current owners of previous tractors purchased from Koenig Equipment are also eligible. 


What is the duration of an Implement Membership, and is it transferable if I sell, replace, or upgrade my tractor?

The duration of your Implement Membership is four years.

Membership can be transferred to a new tractor if traded with Koenig Equipment. Membership is NOT transferable to a new Customer if sold privately to another person. Member will be reimbursed at a pro-rated amount based upon unused membership to the nearest month.

Can I participate in the Implement Membership program if I purchased a tractor elsewhere than Koenig Equipment?

The Implement Membership program is an exclusive offering for Customers who have purchased a compact utility tractor from Koenig Equipment. If you are interested in trading in your current tractor, we will be happy to assist you with valuing your trade.

How do I learn more or become a member of the Implement Membership program?

To learn more, text “IMPLEMENT” to 937-800-4554 and a Customer Account Manager will be happy to assist you and answer any questions.