Horsch Joker

Horsch joker

The Joker can be used in minimum till to conventional till situations. Use the Joker as a clever alternative to vertical tillage, seedbed preparation, stubble cultivation, shallow tillage, furrow leveling, and manure incorporation. The compact disc technology has proven to be a versatile high capacity tillage tool.

The Joker is available in 4 different sizes:

ModelMountWidthHP RequirementWeightBlade Count
Joker 4 CTCat III three point mount13 feet120-160 hp5400 lbs32
Joker 5 CTCat III three point mount16.5 feet150-200 hp6285 lbs46
Joker 6 RTDrawbar pull type19.5 feet180-240 hp9600 lbs48
Joker 8 RTDrawbar pull type25 feet240-320 hp11840 lbs60


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