John Deere 131 Front Mount Mower-Conditioner

Studio image 131 FRONT-MOUNT 

131 Front Mount Mower-Conditioner

  • High-speed rotary disk cutterbar for cutting in tough conditions
  • Windrowing solutions to match your needs
  • Use front hitch for maximum productivity
Power requirements:
PTO speed 1,000 rpm
HP 1000 rpm 1-3/8 in. PTO 75 kW
102 hp
HP 1000 rpm 1-3/4 in. PTO 75 kW
102 hp
Type Rotary
Cutting width 3.1 m
10.1 ft
Cutting height 30-80 cm
1.2-3.2 in.
Number of disks 8
Number of knives 16
Disk speed 2,986 rpm
Disk drive Gear
Lubrication GL-5 Gear Lubricant
Oil reservoir capacity 2.25 L
0.59 U.S. gal.
Cutterbar oil check Fill plug
Cutterbar angle Adjustable
Angle adjustment Tractor center link
Cutterbar protection Shear shaft
Impeller Width
264 cm
104 in.Number of V-tines
54Number of speeds
Belt and sheavesConditioner hood
Tractor hookup:
Standard hitch Tractor front hitch
Overall width Transport
3.1 m
10.1 ft
Weight With impeller conditioner
1,255 kg
2,766 lb
Are wrenches required for adjusting? Float