John Deere 1775NT 16Row30 Drawn Planter


The 1775NT Drawn Planter is a 12-row, 76.2-cm (30-in.) planter that attaches to the drawbar or 2-point hitch of the tractor.

  • 16 rows on 30-in. spacing
  • Available with optional ExactEmerge™ or MaxEmerge™ 5e row unit or standard in mini-hopper, 1.6-bu., or 3-bu. MaxEmerge™ 5 row unit
  • Insecticide option for mini-hopper and 1.6-bu.
  • 3-section frame flexes 21 degrees up & down with narrow transport of 12 ft.
Key Specs:
Number of rows16
Row spacing76 cm
30 in.
Frame - FlexibilityUp and down: 21 degree (angle)
Row unit seed hoppersCapacity
58 or 106 L
1.6 or 3 bu
Seed MetersBase
Finger pickup
Rows and Row Spacing:
Number of rows16
Row spacing76 cm
30 in.
FlexibilityUp and down: 21 degree (angle)
Lift System:
TypeWheel modules with hydraulic cylinders
Base9.5L x 15 8PR implement tire
16 x 6.5 8PR seed and fertilizer drive tire
Row Units:
TypeStandard: MaxEmerge™ 5 row units
Optional: ExactEmerge™ row units
MaxEmerge 5e row units
OpenerTru-Vee™ Double Disk
Row unit seed hoppersCapacity
58 or 106 L
1.6 or 3 bu
Row unit down force

Scrapers, opener blades

Seed tube sensors
Seed Meters:
Finger pickupOptional
Radial bean meterOptional
Central Commodity SystemSeed capacity
3524 L
100 bu
Drive System:
BaseContact drive or hydraulic variable rate drive
TypeAutomatic alternatioing or independent controlled
Marker disk
Closing System:
Rubber tire closing system

Cast iron closing system

Fertilizer opener type
Dry fertilizer
Transport width (with markers)3.7 m
12 ft
Transport length9 m
29.5 ft
Transport height3.8 m
12.5 ft
Transport weightAverage empty weight: 5400 kg
11,900 lb
Field operation width9.6 m
31.58 ft
Additional Information:
Recommended tractor horsepowerMinimum tractor size required: 90 kW
120 PTO hp
Operating with extra planter attachments or when planting in soft seedbeds and rolling ground, more tractor power is required.
Recommended tractor hydraulicsHydraulic oil required to operate machine: 5.7 L
1.5 gal.
Hydraulic system working pressure: 20,684 kPa
206.84 bar (3000 psi)
Hydraulic system burst pressure: 82,737 kPa
827.37 bar (12,000 psi)
Tractor standby pressure: 15,514 kPa
155.14 bar (2250 psi)

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