John Deere 338 Small Square Baler

Field image of 328 Twine/Wire baler

338 Small Square Baler Hay and Forage Equipment from John Deere. Learn more about the features, specifications, and more for the 338 Twine/Wire Baler Hay and Forage Equipment.

  • Full-width feeding pickup
  • 540-rpm PTO power shaft
  • Deep-flighted auger feeding
  • Hydraulic bale tension available
John Deere
Small Square Balers
Anna, Ohio
Franklin, Indiana
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Rushville, Indiana
Urbana, Ohio
Key Specs:
Minimum PTO26 kW
35 PTO hp
Pickup width187.9 cm
74 in.
Bale sizeHeight x width
36x46 cm
14x18 in.
30.5 to 127 cm
12 to 50 in.
Adjustable Hydraulic Bale DensityOptional
Plunger - Strokes/minute80 spm
Bale size:
Height x width36 x 46 cm
14 x 18 in.
Length30.5 to 127 cm
12 to 50 in.
Maximum volume
Dry bale weight
Pickup width187.9 cm
74 in.
Tooth bars/teeth6 bars, 156 teeth
Lift controlCrank (hydraulic optional)
Pickup diameter49.5 cm
19.5 in.
Compression rack rods
Diameter41 cm
16 in.
Length154.9 cm
61 in.
Feed opening
Strokes/minute80 spm
Stroke length
Typing mechanism:
No. of knotters2
Twine capacity8
Twine typePlastic or sisal
Knot strength (minimum required)
Central lube systemOptional
Wire twisters
Wire ball capacity4
Baler dimensions:
Length w/ short tongue
Length w/ long tongue576.5 cm
227 in.
Width274.3 cm
108 in.
Height170.2 cm
67 in.
Weight empty1272 kg
2805 lb
Tractor requirements:
PTO speed540 rpm
Minimum PTO26 kW
35 PTO hp
Drive mechanism:
DrivelineEqual angle 3 joint category 4
Optional driveline
PlungerGear and shaft
KnottersGear and shaft
Feeder forksGear and shaft
Diameter of flywheel
Drivetrain protection:
PickupBelt slip
NeedlesShear bolt/plunger head stop
KnottersShear bolt
RH Standard tire size26x12.0-12, 4 ply
RH Optional tire size
LH Standard tire size11L-14, 6 ply
LH Optional tire size
Gauge Wheels1 optional
Pickup Gauge Wheels Tires Size16.5x6.50-8
Transport lights
Density Control System:
Adjustable Bale DensityMechanical crank
Adjustable Hydraulic Bale DensityOptional
Bale Counter
Bale Ejector:
Bale Chute:
Regular bale chute
Short chuteOptional
Long chuteOptional
Side bale drop chuteOptional
Wagon hitchOptional
Additional information:
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