John Deere 6R 195 Tractor

studio image of 6r 195 row crop tractor

With more engine hp, improved visibility to the drawbar and hitch, available wide-angle mirrors and a variety of transmission options, the 6R 195 will help you work in comfort … and without limits.

  • John Deere FT PowerTech™ 6-cylinder engines
  • Engine HP: 215 HP Max 195/HP Rated with up to 40 additional HP (IPM)
  • AutoQuad™, DirectDrive or IVT transmission options
  • Optional CommandPRO™ puts tractor and implement control at your fingertips

John Deere
6 Series Row Crop
Anna, Ohio
Franklin, Indiana
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Rushville, Indiana
Urbana, Ohio
Key Specs:
Engine description
Engine displacement6.8 L
415 cu in.
Rated engine power97/68EC: 143 kW
195 hp
Maximum engine power97/68EC: 158 kW
215 hp
Rated PTO power (hp SAE)116 kW
156 PTO hp
Maximum PTO power
Transmission type
Hydraulic pump rated outputOptional: 60 cc pump: 155 L/min
41 gpm
Rear hitch category (SAE designation)Standard: Category 3/3N: 4300 kg
9480 lb
Optional: Category 3/3N: 4850 kg
10,690 lb
Base machine weight8400 kg
18,519 lb
Maximum engine power PS (hp ISO) at max engine speed (EU 2016/1628)
Rated engine power PS (hp ISO) at rated engine speed (EU 2016/1628)
Engine specifications:
Engine typeDiesel, in-line, 6-cylinder, wet-sleeve cylinder liners with four valves in head
Engine familyNJDXL06.8324
Rated speed2100 rpm
AspirationTurbocharged, fixed geometry first stage-variable geometry second stage, air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation
Cylinders liners
Emission levelFinal Tier 4
After treatment typeDOC/DPF/SCR
Displacement6.8 L
415 cu in.
Engine performance:
Rated power
Rated engine power PS (hp ISO) at rated engine speed (EU 2016/1628)97/68EC: 143 kW
195 hp
Rated PTO power (hp SAE)116 kW
156 hp
Maximum PTO power
Intelligent Power Management (IPM)Transport and/or mobile PTO applications
Additional engine power (hp ISO) at 2100 rpm: 29.8 kW 40 hp
Power boost10 percent
Maximum engine power
Maximum engine power PS (hp ISO) at max engine speed (EU 2016/1628)97/68EC: 158 kW
212 hp
Engine peak torqueAt 1,600 rpm: 910 Nm
672 lb-ft
Drawbar power
PTO torque rise40 percent
Fuel injection system and control
Air cleaner type
TypeStandard: IVT, 0.05-42 km/h 0.03-26 mph
Optional: IVT, 0.05-50 km/h 0.03-31 mph
24-speed AutoQuad PLUS ECO (40K)
24-speed AutoQuad PLUS ECO (50K) km/h
24-speed Direct Drive (40K) mph
24-speed Direct Drive (50K)
ReverserLeft-hand electrical reverser
Clutch; wet/dry
Hydraulic system:
TypeClosed-center, pressure-and-flow compensated
Pump rated outputStandard: 60 cc pump: 155 L/min
41 gpm
Available flow at a single rear SCV100 L/min
26.4 gpm
Available flow at front SCVs
Number of rear selective control valves (SCVs)Standard: Three ISO couplers
Optional: Three to six ISO couplers
Number of mid selective control valves (SCVs)Up to three
Number of front selective control valves (SCVs)
Joystick SCV controlAvailable
Auxiliary hydraulic features
SCV controlStandard: Mechanical
Optional: Electronic
Rear hitch:
Hitch draft control load sense type
Remote control valves availableAvailable: Remote control switch
Hitch category (SAE designation)Standard: Category 3/3N: 4300 kg
9480 lb
Optional: Category 3/3N: 4850 kg
10,690 lb
Maximum lift capacity behind lift points4850 kg
10,692 lb
Lift capacity at standard frame
Sensing typeElectrohydraulic
Rear axle differential lockElectrohydraulic
Drawbar categoryCategory 3
Maximum vertical loadCategory 3: 1600-2800 kg
3525-6170 lb
Maximum vertical load dependent on drawbar position
Rear power take-off (PTO):
Standard: 540E, 1000, 1000E rpm reversible shaft: 35 mm 1.375 in.
Optional: 540, 540E, 1000 rpm reversible shaft: 35 mm 1.375 in.
Engine rpm (at rated PTO speeds)1950 engine rpm at 540/1000 rpm PTO
1761 engine rpm at 540E rpm PTO
1756 engine rpm at 1000E rpm PTO
Economy PTO speeds
Reverse PTO speeds
Multispeed PTO option availability
Ground speed PTO option availability
PTO actuationElectrical modulation
Front hitch:
CategoryCategory 3N
Electric powerSeven-pin electrical socket
Optional: Three-pin and ISOBUS socket
Standard lift capacityAt hook ends: 3300 kg
7275 lb
Front power take-off (PTO)1000 rpm, clockwise rotation (from driving position)
PTO speedEngine at PTO speed (1000): 1969 rpm
Rear axle:
TypeStandard:Rack and pinion, 2550 mm
100.4 in.
Optional:Rack and pinion, 2806 mm
110.5 in.
Rack and pinion, 3009
Final drive typeInboard planetary three pinion
Differential controlsFull-locking electrohydraulic
Axle type
Brakes, type and control
Rear differential lock
Load rating
Front axle:
Front axle differential lockMFWD: Limited slip
TLS: Limited slip
TLS with brakes: Full-locking electrohydraulic
Load rating
Rear480/80R42 R1/R1W Radial
Wheel tread rangeMFWD: 1524-2235 mm 60-88 in.
TLS: 1524-2235 mm 60-88 in.
Turning radius with brakes
Turning radius without brakes
Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
Tread spacing
Drive type
Track width
TypeHydrostatic power
Primary brake (foot brake)
Secondary brake
Park lock
MFWD braking
Front axle brakes
Auxiliary brakes
Hydraulic trailer brakes
Pneumatic trailer brakes
Electrical system:
Alternator sizeStandard: 200 amp
Optional: 250 amp
Battery options12 V
Working lightsStandard: 14 halogen
Optional: 12 light-emitting diode (LED) plus two halogen
Type of bulb in headlight (Halogen, Zenon, LED)Standard: Halogen, 65 W W
Optional: LED
Type of bulb in beacon (Halogen, Zenon, LED)
dB(A) rating for backup alarm
Total cold cranking amps1230 CCA
With cold weather package or IVT: 1400 CCA
Operator station:
Rollover protective structure, OOS
SeatDegree of seat swivel, left hand
CommandARM: 7.5 degree
Degree of seat swivel, right hand
CommandARM: 30 degree
Standard: Air suspension
Optional: Deluxe air suspension
Cab suspensionOptional: Adaptive Hydraulic Cab Suspension Plus (HCS Plus)
Instructional seatStandard
Inner cab volume3.33 m3
117.59 cu ft
dB(A) rating71 dB
Cab glass area6.11 m2
65.77 sq ft
Safety glass rating
Front visibility
Wheelbase2800 mm
110.2 in.
Overall width1892 mm
74.5 in.
Overall length5045 mm
198.6 in.
Overall height3157 mm
124.3 in.
Drawbar clearance
Front axle center535 mm
21 in.
Approximate shipping weight, Open;Cab8400 kg
18,519 lb
Base machine weightFront axle
3360 kg
7407 lb
Rear axle
5040 kg
11,111 lb
MFWD, AutoQuad, front weight support, one pair 204-kg (450-lb) rear weights, front fenders, 480/80R46 rear duals, 420/90R30 front, shipping fuel: 8661 kg 19,100 lb
12,059 lb
8400 kg
18,519 lb
Maximum ballast level
Maximum permissible weight13,450 kg
29,650 lb
Crankcase oil volume23.5 L
6.2 U.S. gal.
Fuel tank330 L
87.1 U.S. gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank20 L
5.3 U.S. gal.
Cooling system28 L
7.4 U.S. gal.
Transmission-hydraulic systemIVT: 75 L
19.8 U.S. gal.
AutoQuad: 71 L
18.8 U.S. gal.
DirectDrive ECO: 81 L
21.4 U.S. gal.
Interval for engine oil change750 hours
Interval for hydraulic/transmission oil change1,500 hours
Interval for engine coolant change6,000 hours
Lift capacity at full height660R: 2586 kg
5701 lb
680R: 2453 kg
5408 lb
Maximum lift height660R: 4520 mm
178 in.
680R: 4480 mm
176 in.
Leveling type
Precision AG:
Remote diagnostics
AutoTrac ready
ISOBUS ready
CommandCenter video inputs
Side slope rating
Uphill/downhill slope rating
Country of manufactureGermany
Additional information:
Date collected12-Nov-21