John Deere 714 Mulch Tiller

714 Mulch Tiller Primary Tillage from John Deere. Learn more about the features and more for the 714 Mulch Tiller Primary Tillage.

  • Simple gang depth adjustment
  • Coulter gangs
  • Three-bar frames
  • Stabilizer wheels
John Deere
Anna, Ohio
Franklin, Indiana
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Rushville, Indiana
Urbana, Ohio
Key Specs:
Working width 2-bar1.9-3.43 m
6.25-11.25 ft
Working width 3-bar3.43-6.48 m
11.25-21.25 ft
Transport width2.1-4.4 m
7-14.33 ft
Transport height1.35-3.4 m
4.42-11 ft
Operating depthInches
27.9 cm
11 in.
Miles per hour8-11 km/h
5-7 mph
Horsepower per shank8.95-14.9 kW
12-20 hp
Standard spacingsInches
38.1 cm
15 in.
TypeRigid: 3-section
Working width:
Option 12-bar: 1.9 m
6.25 ft
Option 22-bar: 2.67 m
8.75 ft
Option 32-bar: 3.43 m
11.25 ft
Option 43-bar: 3.43 m
11.25 ft
Option 53-bar: 4.2 m
13.75 ft
Option 63-bar: 4.95 m
16.25 ft
Option 73-bar: 5.72 m
18.75 ft
Option 83-bar: 6.48 m
21.25 ft
Option 9
Option 10
Transport width:
Option 12.1 m
7 ft
Option 22.67 m
8.75 ft
Option 33.7 m
12 ft
Option 43.7 m
12 ft
Option 54.3 m
14 ft
Option 65 m
16.5 ft
Option 74.4 m
14.33 ft
Option 84.4 m
14.33 ft
Option 9
Option 10
Transport height:
Option 11.35 m
4.42 ft
Option 21.35 m
4.42 ft
Option 31.35 m
4.42 ft
Option 41.3 m
4.33 ft
Option 51.3 m
4.33 ft
Option 61.3 m
4.33 ft
Option 73.2 m
10.33 ft
Option 83.4 m
11 ft
Option 9
Option 10
Number of shanks - fold:
Option 1Rigid: 5-shank
Option 2Rigid: 7-shank
Option 3Rigid: 9-shank
Option 4Rigid: 9-shank
Option 5Rigid: 11-shank
Option 6Rigid: 13-shank
Option 7Folding: 15-shank
Option 8Folding: 17-shank
Option 9
Option 10
Operating depth:
Inches27.9 cm
11 in.
Operating speed:
Miles per hour8-11 km/h
5-7 mph
Horsepower required:
Horsepower per shank8.95-14.9 kW
12-20 hp
Depth control:
OptionsSingle point on 3-bar machines
TypeTurnbuckle leveling adjustment: Tube: 51x127 mm
2x5 in.
DescriptionRigid frame: cross members: 102x102 mm
4x4 in.
Side members: 51x102 mm
2x4 in.
Diagonal frame supports: 76x127 mm
3x5 in.
Underframe clearance81.3 cm
32 in.
Standard spacings:
Inches38.1 cm
15 in.
Standard options:
Option 1Spec
32x51x813 mm
1.25x2x32 in.
Option 2Spec
32x51x813 mm
1.25x2x32 in.
Trip clearance: 254 mm
10 in.
Trip force: 295 kg
650 lb
Trip force
295 kg
650 lb
Trip height
25.4 cm
10 in.
Option 3Spec
Edge bend: 51x32x813 mm
2x1.25x32 in.
Trip clearance: 279 mm
11 in.
Trip force: 567 kg
1,250 lb
Trip force
567 kg
1,250 lb
Trip height
27.9 cm
11 in.
Disk coulters/gangs:
DescriptionOne set at front of machine
TypeDisk or coulter
Blade size50.8x0.65 cm
20x0.256 in.
On 2-bar: 0.45 cm
0.177 in.
Coulter size50.8x0.5 cm
20x0.197 in.
Blade/coulter spacing22.9 cm
9 in.
Type of scrapersRigid bar
Type of protectionCoil spring
Gang shaft7.62x10.2 cm
3x4 in.
Wheels and tires:
Option 1Single wheel - 9.5L-15FI Load Range D (2-bar design)
Option 2Single wheel 11L-15FI Load Range D (3-bar)
Option 3Walking tandem - 9.5L-15FI Load Range D (3-bar)
Option 4Walking tandem - 11L-15FI Load Range D (3-bar)
Additional features:
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Additioanl information:
Date collected
Ground-engaging components: