John Deere DR24 Planter

Field image of DR24 Planter

John Deere now provides a custom, integral 24Row with Central Commodity System (CCS) or non-CCS planter configurations with value-added features found on most John Deere drawn planters.

  • 24 rows with spacings of 20 in., 22 in., and 30 in.
  • Available in ExactEmerge™, MaxEmerge™ 5e and MaxEmerge™ 5 row units.
  • Choose from Central Commodity System (CCS) or non-CCS options
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Franklin, Indiana
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
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Urbana, Ohio
Key Specs:
Number of rows 24
Row spacing 20,22,30
Frame - Fold configuration Stack-folding
Frame - Flexibility Up: 10 degree (angle)
Down: 7 degree (angle)
Row unit seed hoppers
Mini-Hopper, 1.6bu and 3.0bu Row Hopper
Seed Meters

Rows and Row Spacing:
Number of rows 24
Row spacing 20,22,30
Fold configuration Stack-folding
Flexibility Up: 10 degree (angle)
Down: 7 degree (angle)
Lift System:
Type Semi-integral/Drawn
Base 12.5L-15SL 20 ply implement: 303 kPa
3.0 bar (44 psi)
7.60-15 8 ply implement: 359 kPa
3.6 bar (52 psi)
7.6-15 6 ply - traction: 276 kPa
2.8 bar (40 psi)
Row Units:
Type ExactEmerge™ row units
or MaxEmerge™ 5e row units
Opener Tru-Vee Double Disk
Row unit seed hoppers

Mini-Hopper, 1.6bu and 3.0bu Row Hopper
Row unit down force
Adjustable heavy-duty
Scrapers, opener blades

Seed tube sensors
Seed Meters:
Base Vaccum
Central Commodity System Seed capacity
1.6,3.0 Row Hopper or100 bu
Drive System:
Base 56 V electric drive
Marker disk
Closing System:
Rubber tire closing system

Cast iron closing system

Seed Monitor System:
Base SeedStar™ electronic system
Fertilizer opener type
Dry fertilizer
Transport width (without markers) From 14 ft. 3 in. to 28 ft. 1 in.
Transport height From 5 ft. 2 in. to 13 ft. 2 in.
Transport underframe clearance 4 m
13.2 ft
On 8000 Series tractors with 18.4-42 tires
Additional Information:
Recommended tractor horsepower Vaccum system hydraulic drive: horsepower required: 4.5-10.4 kW
6-14 hp
Minimum tractor size: 201 kW
270 hp
Tractor recommendation: Currrent model (minimum) 8430 MFWD with dual rear tires and 20 front weights.
Recommended tractor hydraulics Hydraulic oil required to operate the planter: 227 L/min
60 gpm
Hydraulic system standby pressure: 15,513 kPa
155 bar (2250 psi)
Hydraulic system working pressure: 20,684 kPa
207 bar (3000 psi)
Hydraulic system burst pressure: 82,737 kPa
827 bar (12,000 psi)