John Deere N560F No-Till Air Drill

Get the latest features, specifications, and pricing for the N560F No-Till Air Drill.

  • Adjust down pressure with TruSet™ In-Cab downforce
  • See the flow of seed & fertilizer from the cab with RelativeFlow™ blockage monitoring
  • Quick Change Blade enhancement of the ProSeries™ Opener reduces change time by 45%1
  • Accurate seed placement & emergence with TruSet™ in-cab "closed loop" downforce pressure control
John Deere
Anna, Ohio
Franklin, Indiana
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Rushville, Indiana
Urbana, Ohio
Key Specs:
Working widths18.3 m
60 ft
SpacingSeed spacing - 254 mm
10 in.
Separate fertilizer - 508 mm
20 in.
Number of ranksTwo seed ranks and one separate fertilizer rank
OpenersRank lock-up
Front, middle, and rear
45.7 cm
18 in.
Down pressure
Working widths18.3 m
60 ft
SpacingSeed spacing - 254 mm
10 in.
Separate fertilizer - 508 mm
20 in.
Number of ranksTwo seed ranks and one separate fertilizer rank
Number of sectionsThree
Transport height5.2 m
16.92 ft
Transport width5.7 m
18.83 ft
Road clearance21.59 cm
8.5 in.
Overall length11.6 m
38.17 ft
Centerframe width4.55 m
14.9 ft
Centerline of mainframe wheel support tube to centerline of wing wheel support tubes
Weight before ballast28,213 kg
62,200 lb
Available ballast1,451.5 kg
3,200 lb
FrameCross members
102 x 152 mm
4 x 6 in.
End tubes
51 x 152 mm
2 x 6 in.
152 x 254 mm
6 x 10 in.
Lateral frame clearance, opener to opener
Clearance from rank to rank134.1 cm
52.8 in.
From ground to top of lid
From ground to platform
From ground to top of safety rail
From ground to top of lights
Mainframe standard(8) 42.1x 21.7x 22.5 in. 12PR
Mainframe bolt patternDuals with eight-bolt wheels
Wings standard(16) 33x15.5-16.5 in. 10PR
Wings bolt patternDuals with eight-bolt wheels
Centerframe tires and wheels
Wing tires and wheels
Wheel spacing, center frame
Rank lock-upFront, middle, and rear
45.7 cm
18 in.
Seed at 7 degree (angle)
Fertilizer (dry only) at 5 or 7 degree (angle)
Single blade with beveled edge
Down pressureStyle
Active hydraulic downforce
10-in. space
75 to 181 kg
165 to 400 lb
Depth controlDescription
Gauge wheel size
Standard - 11.43 x 40.64 cm
4.5 x 16 in.
Narrow gauge wheel - 7.62 x 40.64 cm
3 x 16 in.
1.27 to 8.89 cm
0.5 to 3.5 in.
0.64 cm
0.25 in.
Gauge wheel
In-Furrow press wheelMaterial
Rubber-face press wheel
Packing force
2.3 to 21 kg
5 to 45 lb
1.8 x 25.4 cm
0.71 x 10 in.
Furrow closingDescription
Closing wheel - vertical 15 degree (angle)
2.54 x 30.48 cm
1 x 12 in.
Cast iron
Down force
12 to 20 kg
26 to 43 lb
Double-Shoot capableYes - front ranks apply fertilizer
Seed Metering:
Max Volumetric Seeding Rates - Barley
Max Volumetric Seeding Rates - Oats
Max Volumetric Seeding Rates - Rice
Max Volumetric Seeding Rates - Milo/Sorghum
Max Volumetric Seeding Rates - Soybean
Max Volumetric Seeding Rates - Wheat
Metering Drive Type
Seed Storage:
Tank Description
Total Tank Capacity
Tank Fill Screen
Tank Scales
Seed Distribution
Blower drive type
Distribution hose size
Equipment compatibility (at 1.5 in. seeding depth and 8 mph):
Tractor drawbar power required, 7.5-in (19.1 cm) models
Tractor drawbar power required, 10-in (25.4 cm) models
Tractor drawbar power required, 15-in (38.1 cm) models
Tractor requirements:
Minimum number of SCV's
Hydraulic Power Beyond
Minimum hydraulic capacity
Minimum electrical capacity
Additional information:
Tool-mounted alternator
Implement harness connection, 56 VDC
Implement harness connection, 12 VDC
Operator interface
Four-section seed on/off
Fast start/Quick start
Seed blockage sensor per row
Date collected