John Deere WR00 Series Carted Wheel Rakes

field image of Frontier™ WR00 wheel rake attached to a tractor

For a high quality rake that meets your budget needs, choose a WR00 Carted Wheel Rake.

  • Easy adjustments
  • Two-arm, left, and right side only raking
  • 8, 10, and 12 wheel models 
  • Optional center kick wheel 
Transport width 2.5 m
8.2 ft
Transport length 5.3 m
17.5 ft
Frame clearance 50.8 cm
20 in.
Raking width Maximum
6.4 m
21 ft
Windrow width Minimum
61 cm
24 in.Maximum
129.5 cm
51 in.
Transport height 2.75 m
9.0 ft
NOTE: Transport heights can vary based on unit setup. Dimensions are for reference only.
Implement 669 kg
1475 lb
Shipping 725 kg
1599 lb
Rake wheel:
Quantity Ten
Diameter 140 cm
55 in.
Hubs Tapered bearing
Teeth per wheel 40
Teeth diameter 7 mm
0.27 in.
Flex up 19.7 cm
50 in.
Flex down 3.9 cm
10 in.
Tractor compatibility:
Horsepower requirements 22 kW
31 hp
SCV Type
1 SCVQuantity
Transport Size
Lights None
Marking SMV
Hitch jack Standard
Safety chain Standard
Set-up time:
Labor hours Eight hours
Time period One year