Combine Winter Storage Tips

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Winter Tips

It’s the end of November and we have already seen the first snow of the year. Before winter sets in completely, it’s important to prepare your farm equipment such as combines for the cold weather storage. Below are some suggestions from the team here at Koenig Equipment:

Consult your manual 

The documentation provided with your combine should outline details such as storage recommendations as well as maintenance guidelines. Following these best practices will ensure the ideal preparation for your combine’s long-term storage.


Give your combine a full inspection prior to storage. If any damage occurred this year, take the time to address those issues now. Making repairs and cleaning your combine now will better prepare the combine for immediate use next season.

Top off the fuel

Filling up your combine’s fuel tank prior to storage can save you a great deal of future hassle. As the weather changes, if there is empty space in the tank it is possible for condensation to form. If water builds up and gets into other parts of your fuel system you could be facing potentially expensive repairs in the future. Keeping your fuel tank full in the offseason helps avoid this scenario.

Disconnect/store the battery

 Leaving your battery in the cold for the winter can lead to finding a dead battery in your combine next season. After making sure your current battery is fully charged, disconnect it and find a dry, cool spot for its storage location.

Following these suggestions will help ensure your combine’s lifespan isn’t cut short by the adverse conditions of the winter months. If you have other questions regarding your combine or any other equipment contact the experts at Koenig Equipment today!