How To Build The Ideal Fleet For A Corn Or Soybean Farm

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Which equipment is necessary to build a corn or soybean farm fleet?

John Deere 8R Tractor and 1775NT Planter


Starting a corn or soybean farm fleet from nothing can feel like a very daunting task. There is a lot of information and equipment out there, which can make things confusing rather quickly. While larger operations can require more equipment, you can start to build your farm fleet with just the necessities.

  • Tractor
  • Planter
  • Combine
  • Grain Cart
  • Semi and Grain Trailer or Wagon


Which types of equipment should I consider for my farm fleet?


When starting a corn and soybean operation, you want to purchase a tractor you can use in multiple areas. With the purchase of any of the 8R Series Tractors, you would be able to pull your planter as well as your grain cart.



A simple starting point for a planter would be a 12-row, 30-inch Spacing 1775NT Planter.



Whether you choose to go for a new or used combine, any of the S Series Combines from John Deere will get the job done for you. Along with the combine, you will need to purchase a corn head and a platform to harvest both your corn and soybeans.


Grain Cart

While John Deere does not make grain carts, Koenig Equipment does sell J&M and Brent Grain Handling Equipment. Brent offers multiple size options, so Koenig Equipment can help you find the perfect fit for your operation.


Semi and Grain Trailer or Wagon

For large operations, you may be interested in the hauling capacity of semi-trucks and grain trailers. While Koenig Equipment does not sell semis or grain trailers, our salesmen can work with you on finding somewhere to purchase one.

If you do not need the capacity of a semi to haul your grain, a wagon may be the right solution for you. Speak with our sales team to find the best solution for your needs.


Do I need Precision Ag for my fleet?

While Precision Ag might not be the top priority for someone that is starting a corn or soybean operation, it is still highly recommended. With the latest mapping and tracking technology, you will be able to see exactly where your profits and/or losses are coming from.

Compare your planting maps with your harvest maps to see which seed variety produced the best for you. You can also utilize My Operations Center ™ to see every aspect of your operation in one easy location.


Where can I get started?

Getting started can easily feel overwhelming, but don’t sweat it! Here at Koenig Equipment, we will walk you though every step to ensure you have the right equipment you need to run your new operation. As you work to grow your operation, Koenig Equipment will remain by your side and help you continue to find the equipment to best serve you and your operation. Visit with one of our 15 locations today to start building your farm fleet with Koenig Equipment.