How can the John Deere Operations Center™ Help with Seeding & Spraying?

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What is John Deere Operations Center™?

The John Deere Operations Center™ is the ultimate farm management system. With the Operations Center, you can pull up and review your information anytime, anywhere with web and mobile capabilities. The John Deere Operations Center™ allows you to easily collaborate with your team, advisors, and/or dealer to save time, optimize yields, and in turn, maximize your profits.



How can the Operations Center make seeding and planting more efficient?

Seeding and planting are one of the most important parts of any farming operation. Without proper planting, you won't be able to maximize your yields from your land. John Deere Operations Center™ offers some key features specific to help you seed and plant more efficiently.

  • Remotely view in-cab displays to verify equipment settings
    • Adjust when needed if someone else is operating for you.
  • Manage your seeding rates to decrease overlap.
  • Analyze and compare inputs to see how they affect your yields. Input options include seed variety, seed rate, chemical applications, weather, and more.
  • View trends from year to year to find the best seeding rates to produce your highest yields.


Is there new technology for spraying?

In the spring of 2021, an announcement was made that would change John Deere spraying and take it to the next level for farmers. John Deere See & Spray™ is the latest John Deere spraying technology that farmers were able to start ordering for 2022. See & Spray™ technology was designed to build upon the current John Deere ExactApply™ spraying system. With the addition of John Deere See & Spray™ operators can reduce input costs by only spraying where weeds are present to better control herbicide-resistant weeds throughout the fields.



What other tips can I use to support seeding & spraying?

Monitoring and tracking seeding and spraying throughout your operation are made easy with John Deere Precision Agriculture options. Adding John Deere Operations Center™ and JDLink™ to your operation will help you maximize your data to ensure you are getting the highest yields possible. Monitoring and tracking your equipment's activity in real-time helps you catch any errors that might affect your seeding or application rates. By knowing instantly, you can resolve the problem sooner without having to experience the costly effects on your yields months down the road.


Where can I find Precision Agriculture support?

The world of Precision Agriculture is constantly changing and advancing, but that doesn't mean you have to manage to stay up to date on your own. Koenig Equipment has a team of trained Precision Farming Specialists to support you and your operation every step of the way. Contact your local Koenig Equipment to speak with a Koenig Precision Specialist today!


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