How to Choose a Chainsaw for My Operation, Home, or Farm

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How can I narrow down what chainsaw is right for me?

When it comes to the Stihl line of chainsaws, you can easily narrow down which type of chainsaw is best for you and the tasks ahead of you. Continue reading to learn more about what Koenig Equipment has to offer through their Stihl lineup of chainsaws.

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What are the differences between chainsaw models?

When it comes to chainsaws, there are different lines of models available depending on your needs. Professional chainsaw models are designed for daily, extensive work. Farm & Ranch chainsaw models are also designed for daily use but don’t have some of the added features of the professional lines. Homeowner chainsaws are designed for occasional work around the home and small property.


What are the applications for different chainsaw models?

There are a variety of different applications and uses for different chainsaws. Below you will find some of the examples of use for the different lines of Stihl chainsaws available.


  • Professional Chainsaws
    • Tree trimming
    • Cutting trees
    • Logging
  • Homeowner Chainsaws
    • Cutting firewood
    • Sculpting foliage/shrubs
    • Clearing overgrown property lines
  • Farm & Ranch Chainsaws
    • Brush clean-up
    • Land clearing


Professional Chainsaws

Logging, farming, land clearing, tree service business, firewood cutting, whatever professional job you need a chainsaw for, Stihl has a Professional Chainsaw to meet your needs and more!

These high-performance chainsaws will keep working day after day to help you get your job done with ease. When it comes to the Professional Chainsaw line by Stihl, there are 17 different models to choose from, ensuring you have the right chainsaw with all the features you and your business are looking for. Stihl makes it easy to identify some key features by symbols in the chainsaw models.

  • C = Comfort feature
  • E = Easy2Start™
  • Q = an additional chain braking system
  • R = wrap handle
  • M = M Stihl & M-Tronic™.


Homeowner Chainsaws

If you’re a homeowner and need to get some work done around the house and property, a Stihl homeowner chainsaw is the perfect answer. With a variety of compact, lightweight options, you can get the same features and results as the professionals with one of the ten different Stihl Homeowner Chainsaws. These chainsaws are designed for the occasional work around the home, but they still come with great features like anti-vibration technology, and easy start-up!


Farm & Ranch Chainsaws

There are always a variety of tasks to be accomplished on a farm or ranch, and the Stihl understands that, which is exactly why they have a separate farm & ranch line of chainsaws. These chainsaws are ideal for a variety of different jobs and have the proven performance to keep working hard day after day. There are five different models within the Farm & Ranch line so you can pick the perfect one for your operation.

Stihl also makes it easy to identify some key features by symbols in the chainsaw models.

  • C = Comfort feature
  • B = Quick Chain Adjuster
  • E = Easy2Start™
  • Q = an additional chain braking system


How can I use a chainsaw safely?

Chainsaw safety is very important. Always read and follow the safety manual and instructions when using a chainsaw.

  • Wear the proper gear.
    • Long pants
    • Close-toed shoes
    • Long sleeves
    • Slip-resistant gloves
    • Safety glasses
    • Hard hat
    • Hearing protection
  • Have someone with you.
  • Cut below the waist level.
    • It can be tempting to cut branches above your head, don’t. Always make sure you are cutting below your waist to have the best control and ensure nothing falls on you.
  • Properly prepare your chainsaw by following the instruction manual.

These are just a FEW high-level safety tips for operating your chainsaw. Be sure to have read and follow your Stihl safety manual completely before using your chainsaw.


Which chainsaws are available from Stihl?

Stihl offers a large variety of chainsaws for any operator. There are multiple models available in each of the following different Stihl Chainsaw lines. These different chainsaw lines include: Farm & Ranch, Professional, Homeowner, Electric, In-Tree, Rescue, and Battery-Powered. No matter what you are needing a chainsaw for, Stihl has one available to fit your exact needs.


Where can I find Stihl chainsaws near me?

If you are in the market for a Stihl chainsaw, your friends at Koenig Equipment are here to help! With the assistance of our Stihl Certified employees, you will have the confidence to select the right type of chainsaw and model to fit the needs of your operation, property, or farm. With 15 locations in Ohio and Indiana, you can find a Koenig Equipment store near you to help you get started on your Stihl chainsaw purchase.