John Deere 560M Round Baler vs. 569 Round Baler – What's Different?

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What Upgrades were made to the John Deere 569 Round Baler to Make the John Deere 560M Round Baler?

The John Deere 560M Round Baler has just recently replaced the 569 Round Baler. What are the upgrades that were made? How did John Deere engineers enhance the functionality of the John Deere 569 Round Baler?

John Deere 560M Round Baler

What do the John Deere 569 and 560M Round Baler Have in Common?

The John Deere 569 Round Baler and the John Deere 560M Round Baler share many of the same features and specs. The upgrades made from the 569 to the 560M were mostly cosmetic and minor details to improve functionality. The reasoning for this is that John Deere engineers did not want to lose the great benefits of the 569 Round Baler when upgrading to the 560M Round Baler.

All the highly valuable features that the John Deere 569 Round Baler promised were kept for the 560M Round Baler. Key features include:

  • BaleTrack Pro monitor that allows for more productivity
  • MegaWide Plus pickup and MegaTough pickup teeth that offer super capacity
  • Exclusive DiamondTough belts with plate-type splices
  • Adjustable hitch to match the wide array of tractor drawbar heights
  • Vertical forming chamber that maintains uniform bale density
  • Regular pickup that offers a large feed opening and low-profile, mid-mounted pickup

The key specs for both John Deere round balers are also very similar. The bale diameter ranges from 32 to 72 in., the weight of a full-size bale in dry crop is 2,200 lbs., and there is a 2,200 lbs. maximum weight allowed for silage bale. The baler length is 12 ft. and the height is 9 ft. Both the 569 and 560M include eight belts at triple weave width. The density is controlled through an adjustable hydraulic system. There is an electronic display on the monitor to indicate the bale size on both models. The regular pickup width is 5 ft., and the mega wide pickup is 6.4 ft. wide. There are 120 regular teeth and 8 mega teeth. The wrapping system is controlled automatically, there are two twine arms, and the twine ball capacity is eight. Both include slip clutch drive protection, a PTO speed of 540 or 1,000 rpm, and a constant velocity powershift. All these specs are shared between the models to maintain quality. 


What are the key differences between the 569 and the 560M Round Baler?

So, with all the similarities between the two models, is there anything left that is different? The answer is yes, and although the changes are small, they make a significant difference in the functionality of your John Deere round baler. John Deere analyzed every detail of the 569 Round Baler and improved the model in every way possible. The result is a highly functional, dependable, and efficient new model called the 560M Round Baler.

Cosmetic differences are often overlooked, but when farmers experience the changes the 560M round baler is capable of, the upgrades seem necessary. The first difference is the top of the baler. The John Deere 569 Round Baler features a flat top, but the John Deere 560M Round Baler has a slotted design. This difference allows the air to pass through and reduces the wind and drag. 

Next, the net wrap box was upgraded from a metal material on the 569 round baler to a plastic material on the 560M. This new design shows fewer dings if a farmer backs into the barn wall, another piece of equipment, a post, a fence…you name it – the net wrap box can handle it.

An important safety upgrade was the moving of the yield sign from the net wrap box on the 569 to the top on the 560M. This allows for better visibility when travelling. The drive line cover also saw improvements when the flat design was changed to the rounded, which prevents the buildup of materials onto it. The doors and handles were also changed for a more eye-appealing layout and easier access. 

Along with cosmetic differences, there were also mechanical updates. The John Deere 560M Round Baler’s spring is double in width compared to the John Deere 569 Round Baler. This upgrade allows more force to kick the bale out. Also, the net wrap brake has seen a major improvement. The 569 featured a padded system that wore down fast and covered little surface area. The 560M, however, introduces a banded system that has an 80% surface area and an even wear. Overall, the John Deere 560M Round Baler offers more modern, aerodynamic features than those of the John Deere 569 Round Baler. 


Can the John Deere 560M Round Baler Handle Wet, Heavy Crop?

Yes, the John Deere 560M Round Baler is ready for anything, including wet and heavy crop. Its powered cross auger helps keep wet and dry hay from traveling up the belts and reduces crop buildup around the 13 rolls in contact with the forming belts. For greater reliability, John Deere engineers kept the larger bearings, shafts, and flanges. To prevent wrapping in moist, thick hay, a starter-roll scraper knife is mounted directly in front of the starter roll. Auxiliary take-up roll prevents belt crossover or flipping in damp conditions. These silage options are only available for John Deere’s M-models, like this John Deere 560M Round Baler.


Where can I buy new John Deere Balers?

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