John Deere 745FD HydraFlex Draper vs. RD45F HydraFlex Draper

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What is HydraFlex Technology?

HydraFlex is an industry-exclusive hydraulic float system that allows for superior ground following capabilities. This exclusive technology provides producers with a few featured benefits.

  • Hydraulically control the float of the cutterbar by the turn of a knob in the cab for easy operation of the HydraFlex system.
  • Exceptional cutterbar flexibility throughout the entire working pressure range increases machine performance.
  • Unique cutterbar float arms offer a dual purpose, allowing for superior ground following capabilities plus support to the cutterbar and draper belts for increased productivity.
  • Maximize your yields with a two-speed center feed section that helps reduce grain loss.


John Deere RD45F HydraFlex Draper


What are the Key Differences in the 745FD and the RD45F Draper?

The new RDF Series Drapers have multiple new features that take the previous 745FD to the next level.

  • Optimize feeding with the new, two-speed center feed section, increased feed drum torque, and center crop flow divider.
  • Rely on the feed drum, floor, and finger timing to keep your harvest moving at optimum performance.
  • Prevent downtime and resolve issues in a timely manner with revolutionary, technology-based solutions from John Deere Connected Support.


What are the Similarities Between the 745FD and the RD45F Draper?

While there are some key differences between the 745FD and the new RD45F, there are still some of the same great features from the 745FD that remain.

  • Industry-exclusive HydraFlex Technology
  • Top-crop conveyor auger to keep bushy crops moving through to the feederhouse
  • Timed dual-knife drive to create a smooth reciprocating knife drive system
  • Dual-positioned feeding drum to increase versatility and productivity


Which Combines Can the John Deere RD45F HydraFlex Draper Work With?

The RD45F Draper is available for S780 and S790 Combines, as well as the new X-Series Combines to be released.


Where Can I find a John Deere HydraFlex Draper For Sale?

With easy operation and exceptional cutterbar flexibility, a HydraFlex Draper ranks high in the industry. Take your operation to the next level with a new John Deere HydraFlex Draper from Koenig Equipment. Rest assured, with superior performance, increased productivity, and reduced grain loss, you cannot go wrong making a HydraFlex Draper a part of your harvest.

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