The John Deere 7R Series Tractor

Submitted by Koenig.Equipment on Tue, 03/26/2013 - 8:32am

What’s New for John Deere 7R Series?

Bringing you more versatility in the 200 and 280 HP range than you've ever had before is the new from the ground-up 7R series tractors from John Deere. 

A new structural chassis provides a longer wheel-base but shorter length from  the rear axle forward to more maneuverability. Perfect for heavy loader applications especially when you match the 7R with new loaders designed for increased durability and productivity.
The 7R features a new push-fan engine cooling system and brings you more versatility with more ballasting flexibility. More hitch lift capacity with increased hydraulic flow.
That's versatility you can match up with 2 new transmission options. An all new infinitely-variable transmission with a fully automatic mode. And a new CommandQuad transmission with the all-new Efficiency Manager. 
Set your ground speed and the tractor takes over, maintaining speed at the most efficient engine RPMs. We've inproved efficiency with the hydrualic oil temperature management system, automatic brake retractors, and 2 new economy PTO options, all designed to reduce engine loads and save fuel. 

John Deere 7R Series: Efficiency

Take command of effiency in more comfort than ever with the CommandView II cab, rated best in class for comfort and controls. With more space, more visibility and a ride that will take you to a new level of comfort. Thanks to the adaptive hydrualic cab suspension. 
And a new GreenStar 3 CommandCenter integrates precision applications into a touch-screen display for an operating experience that's easy and intuitive including Layout Manager, video capability and Access Manager with lockout protection for your tractor and implement settings. 

John Deere 7R Series: Capabilities

For even more capabilities choose the GreenStar 3 2630 display, couple it with the StarFire 300 reciever and take advantage of additional GLONASS satellites.
And don't forget to ask about your options for a JD Link package tailored to your needs. Get the machine connectivity that puts you in command of your uptime with machine performance data as well as machine alerts transmitted wirelessly to you and to your John Deere dealer for proactive support.
Get versatility you've never had before with new options from JD Link - get the new John Deere 7R!
Are you ready to bring a John Deere 7-series tractor to your growing farm? Discover the Koenig Equipment dealership location nearest to your farm, and give us a call. An agricultural equipment expert will provide additional information and can even schedule a quick demonstration of what the 7-series can do to benefit your business.