John Deere Compact Wheel Loader vs. Skid Steer vs. Compact Track Loader

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Should I choose a compact wheel loader, skid steer, or compact track loader?

At John Deere, you can choose between three loaders to fit your exact needs. From compact wheel loaders to skid steers to compact track loaders, you can lift, move, handle or haul materials and debris, as well as scrape or blade snow or dirt, and more. No matter your operation’s needs, you can get the work done you need to, with the ability to grow your equipment fleet with attachments.


John Deere 344L Compact Wheel Loader


Why choose a compact wheel loader?

Compact wheel loaders are multipurpose machines that are highly adaptable. With a combination of exceptional maneuverability, the speed you need, and sure-footed stability you can get in, and get the job done while maneuvering tight spaces. Check out the variety of specs available along with their capabilities in the chart below.

 204L 3,450 lb. 61 hp 11,806 lb. 1.0-1.4 Cu. Yd. 125 in -
 244L 3,946 lb. 71 hp 12,258 lb. 1.0-1.4 Cu. Yd. 127 in -
 304L 3,693 lb. 65 hp 12,778 lb. 1.0-2.1 Cu. Yd. 133 in -
 324L 4,045 lb. 71 hp 14,110 lb. 1.0-2.1 Cu. Yd. 132 in +149 in
 344L 4,999 lb. 103 hp 19,533 lb. 2.0-2.6 Cu. Yd. 146 in +159 in


Why choose a skid steer?

A skid steer is one of John Deere’s most versatile machines. The skid steer is the workhorse of the compact construction equipment that John Deere has to offer. Skid steers are more compact than the articulated track loaders and don’t have the height and extended reach available like the articulated loaders do. Not only do they offer you the ability to maneuver tight spaces, but they are also available in several lift capacities. Along with the skid steer’s strength and maneuverability, there’s an endless list of attachments available to help you get even the toughest of jobs done with ease. With attachments like blades, buckets, grapple buckets, backhoes, and more you can level land, move materials and dig all with the use of one machine.

 316GR 1,750 lb. 61 hp 6,180 lb. 115.1 in 4,000 lb.
 318G 1,945 lb. 61 hp 6,542 lb. 121 in 4,250 lb.
 320G 2,190 lb. 66 hp 7,150 lb. 122.2 in 4,200 lb.
 324G 2,690 lb. 70 hp 7,700 lb. 126 in 6,000 lb.
 330G 3,000 lb. 88.5 hp 9,900 lb. 132 in 7,600 lb.
 332G 3,600 lb. 96.6 hp 10,000 lb. 132 in 9,250 lb.


Why choose a compact track loader?

A compact track loader is very similar to a skid steer. While the body style and build are the same, the compact track loaders come equipped with tracks instead of wheels. With the use of tracks, you have the same power found in the skid steer, but with more traction and less ground displacement. Compact track loaders are especially useful when working on turf or landscaping projects. You can see how the different models compare out in the chart below.

 317G 2,125 lb. 61 hp 8,423 lb. 121 in 4,250 lb.
 325G 2,590 lb. 70 hp 9,500 lb. 126.1 in 6,000 lb.
 331G 3,100 lb. 88.5 hp 11,900 lb. 132 in 7,600 lb.
 333G 3,700 lb. 96.6 hp 12,100 lb. 132 in 9,250 lb.


Where can I find loaders for sale near me?

Finding the perfect compact loader for your operation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the inventory and sales experts at your local Koenig Equipment, you can easily compare the different loaders in person to see which truly fits your needs.

Learn more by visiting the compact construction equipment section of the Koenig website, or visit your local Koenig Equipment store today.