Lawn Mower Safety: Are You Mowing the Right Way?

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Keeping your lawn in good shape is an important part of property ownership and can even be enjoyable. But taking proper precautions is a must in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. Whether you have a riding mower or a walk-behind, take a look at our safety tips and protect yourself when maintaining your property or at a work site.


Why is lawn mower safety important?

Safety should always be at the forefront of any task, including lawn mowing. Lawn mowers are handy tools but can be dangerous if not handled carefully. Each year, thousands of people suffer from lawn mower-related injuries, many of which could have been prevented by following some basic safety guidelines.



What are lawn mower safety tips I should follow?

While there are general lawn mower safety tips, there are also some specific to the different types of mowers.


General lawn mower safety tips

  1. Read the Manual: Before you even start your lawn mower, take the time to read the user manual. Each model may have specific safety instructions that you must be aware of.
  2. Inspect your Mower: Regularly check your lawn mower for loose or damaged parts. Ensure the safety features, such as the blade control and the shut-off switch, are working correctly.
  3. Clear the Lawn: Remove any debris, toys, or other objects from the lawn before mowing. These objects can become dangerous projectiles when struck by the mower’s blades.
  4. Watch for Children and Pets: Be especially vigilant when mowing near children or pets. They can move quickly and may not see or hear the mower approaching.
  5. Use Caution on Slopes: Use extreme caution when mowing on slopes or inclines. Operate the mower across slopes, not up and down, to prevent tipping.
  6. Wear Appropriate Attire: When mowing your lawn, wear long pants, sturdy closed-toed shoes, hearing protection, and safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from debris.
  7. Stay Hydrated: Mowing can be physically demanding work, especially during hot weather. Stay hydrated to avoid heat-related issues.
  8. Regular Maintenance: Keeping your mower in working order through regular maintenance prevents accidents that can happen from worn, nonfunctioning parts. 



Riding lawn mower safety tips

  1. No Passengers: Riding mowers are designed for one person only. Never allow children or passengers to ride along.
  2. Use a Seatbelt: If your riding mower is equipped with a seatbelt, use it. This can prevent you from being thrown off the mower in case of sudden stops or accidents.
  3. Slow Down on Turns: Reduce your speed when making turns. Sudden or sharp turns can lead to the mower tipping over.


Zero-turn lawn mower safety tips

  1. Zero-turn Mowers are not for hills: Zero-turn mowers are not safe on steep slopes or hills. They are designed for flat or gently sloping terrain only.
  2. Start slowly: When operating a zero-turn mower, start and stop slowly to maintain control. Abrupt movements can lead to accidents.
  3. Be Mindful of Speed: Avoid excessive speed, especially when mowing on uneven terrain or around obstacles.


Walk-behind lawn mower safety tips

  1. Safety Bar/Handle: Always use the safety bar or handle that shuts off the engine when released. Never override or disable this feature.
  2. Push, Don’t Pull: Push your walk-behind mower forward, never pull it backward. Pushing is safer and allows you to maintain better control.
  3. Mow Away from Your Feet: Avoid mowing towards your feet. Walk behind the mower and push it away from you to prevent injuries.
  4. Power Cord Awareness: If you have an electric walk-behind mower, be cautious of the power cord’s location. Keep it behind you and out of the mower’s path.


Where can I find John Deere mowers and service near me?

Regular lawn mower maintenance is necessary to keep your mower safe and efficient. The trained technicians at Koenig Equipment can perform tune-ups, blade sharpening, safety inspections, and more to keep your mower in excellent working condition. Contact your local Koenig Equipment today to schedule your next mower service.



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