Managing Guidance Tracks in Operations Center: A Precision Ag Tutorial

Submitted by Adam Grillot on Wed, 03/27/2024 - 10:30am

Welcome to another installment of our Precision Ag tutorial series where we delve into the specifics of managing guidance tracks in the Operations Center of your John Deere equipment.

Our tutorial begins with an introduction to the setup process. From your map view, you'll want to select 'Setup' and then 'Land.' This sets the stage for your guidance line management.

As we move forward, the 'Guidance Header' becomes our point of focus. This can be found at the top of your setup page. For a comprehensive view of all your lines, we recommend switching to 'Table View.' In our example, we had a total of 217 guidance tracks across all fields. The table view allows for easy navigation and identification of any lines that might need archiving. If you find any lines named arbitrarily, such as '123' or 'ABC,' that are no longer in use, they can be easily selected and archived.

Want to investigate individual fields or locate a particular line? The 'Fields' tab at the top has you covered. Simply search for the field you're interested in, then select the 'Guidance Header' once you're in the field. Selecting the 'Map View' to the right provides a visual representation of all the lines in that field. For instance, in our example, there were four guidance tracks, each named and selectable to show their exact location in the field.

For those wanting to make their guidance lines more descriptive, renaming is streamlined. Select the lines you wish to rename, go to the track name, make your updates, and don't forget to save.

One of the powerful features of the Operations Center is the ability to use the same guidance track for adjacent fields. If you have fields that run parallel to each other, you can simply select a line and copy that line to another field.

For more Precision Ag how-to videos, remember to check out the customer training section on our mobile app. Until next time, happy farming!