Precision Upgrades for Sprayers: Enhancing Efficiency and Performance

Submitted by Adam Grillot on Tue, 02/20/2024 - 10:35am

Are you looking to add advanced technology to your existing sprayer without investing in a brand new machine? Look no further! At Koenig Equipment, we offer precision upgrade kits for sprayers that allow you to take your existing equipment to the next level.

ExactApply Individual Nozzle Control

One of our most popular precision upgrades is the ExactApply individual nozzle control. This upgrade offers numerous benefits, including consistent pressure and droplet size for better weed kill. With this feature, you can minimize crop damage when turning corners and save 2 to 5% more chemical compared to traditional section control methods. Additionally, the ability to switch nozzles on the fly from the comfort of the cab provides greater flexibility and efficiency during spraying operations.

Additional Upgrade Options

For machines manufactured in 2018 and newer, we also offer additional upgrade options. Extend your spraying reach with 120-foot boom extensions, ensuring maximum coverage and productivity in the field. Upgrade your sprayer with LED boom lighting for improved visibility during nighttime operations. With product reclaim and recirculation capabilities, you can recirculate unused chemical through the boom, prime the system before heading to the field, and reclaim any remaining product at the end of the day, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Cost-Effective Solution

At Koenig Equipment, we understand the importance of delivering cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. Our precision upgrade kits allow you to enjoy the benefits of new technology on your sprayer at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new machine.

To learn more about these precision upgrades and how they can benefit your operation, contact us online or call your nearest Koenig Equipment location.