What is the Latest Technology Available for John Deere Planters?

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How does John Deere technology help with planting?

Agricultural technology is ever-changing. John Deere continues to work and innovate the latest technology to help with accuracy, time management, and more. Learn about the latest technology available for your John Deere planter.


SeedStar Display


What is SeedStar™?

The latest version of SeedStar™ is SeedStar™ 4 which provides real-time planter performance and seed placement to the operator in the cab. With this information, the operator can make easy, on-the-go adjustments to ensure increased productivity and seed placement.

SeedStar 4 is compatible with the Gen 4 display to help provide a clean, non-cluttered operator’s station. Features of SeedStar 4 include:

  • Seed singulation and seed spacing monitoring
  • Row-unit downforce monitoring and adjustment
  • Row-unit ride quality monitoring
  • Complete row-unit and performance monitoring
  • Split-screen applications for guidance (AutoTrac™) and planting


What is ExactEmerge™?

ExactEmerge™ was first announced in 2014 and has continued to revolutionize the planter industry since then. This planter allows farmers to push 10 mph planting speeds while maintaining accuracy through specific components and advanced technology. Some key features make ExactEmerge™ the best it can be.

  • Brush Belts: One of the main features of the ExactEmerge™ planter is the seed delivery system. Rather than the traditional seed tube, the ExactEmerge™ uses a brush belt trench delivery system. These belts are driven by an electric meter that’s only input is ground speed, meaning the front of the brush is always moving forward at the same speed you are traveling.
  • Controller: Every row has its own controller. The delivery system works hand-in-hand with the new electric-driven meters. These individual controllers are continuously processing the various inputs of the planter.
  • Row Units: Another key point in the ExactEmerge™ planter is the row units. The seed is placed much closer to the trench with the redesigned row units than in a traditional row-unit.


What is RowCommand™?

The main reason for RowCommand™ is to control the seed output. This is accomplished by including individual, low-amp clutches inside the Pro-Shift drive gearbox. With RowCommand™ the clutches are completely enclosed in the gearbox housing. This is to help protect them from outside elements and harsh operating conditions. Not only does RowCommand™ manage the seed output, but it also works to reduce yield drag and improve harvest capabilities. By controlling seed output at the individual row, operators can reduce overplanting in key areas, while still maximizing seed placement at headlands.


Where can I find John Deere planters with the latest in modern agriculture technology?

At Koenig Equipment, we work to stay up to date on the latest planter and agriculture technology. Our team of Precision Specialists works tirelessly to ensure our customers are aware of all the technology John Deere and Koenig Equipment have to offer. With the use of modern agriculture technology, our customers can optimize their operations with ease!