What is Precision Agriculture?

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In the agriculture industry, the term ‘precision agriculture’ continues to become more frequent in conversations. Precision agriculture is also known as precision ag or precision farming. As often as these terms are used, it is important to know what precision agriculture is. Continue reading to find out about precision agriculture and what it has to offer the agriculture industry.



What is precision agriculture, and can it benefit me?

As the world population continues to increase and farm acres decrease, it is vital that farming operations get the most out of their land to continue to feed and supply the world with everything we have come to appreciate from the agriculture industry. Precision agriculture is the technology behind farm machinery that enables farmers to have more accuracy and control in their operation. 

Precision agriculture can benefit you in multiple ways. By having a better understanding of your operation and data, you can make more informed decisions. The use of precision technology allows you to ensure you are accurately planting at the correct seeding rate while minimizing overlap. This process works on all inputs. By precisely covering your acres with minimal overlap, you are able to save time and costs.


How is technology used in precision agriculture?

Technology is a key component of precision agriculture. With the addition of precision technology to your operation, you will be able to reduce input costs, grow more, and decrease your environmental impact. The five key areas of technology in precision agriculture include:

  • Machine section control
  • Auto guidance
  • Variable rate technology
  • Machine and fleet analytics
  • Precision irrigation


How can precision agriculture improve my profitability, sustainability, and efficiency?

Some of the main purposes of precision agriculture are to improve profitability, environmental sustainability, and efficiency of your operation. As your machines are passing through the field throughout the planting, growing, and harvest seasons, with the proper precision ag pieces, they are collecting all sorts of data on your field and crops. All that data is gathered for you to review and use as you make future decisions for your operations. This includes decisions like seeding rate, fertilizer rates, chemical application, and so much more. All these decisions from accurate data help you improve your operation’s profitability, sustainability, and efficiency.


What precision agriculture products are on the market?

John Deere offers a variety of precision agriculture products for your operation. Starting with the basic pieces is a great way to add some precision agriculture solutions.

Displays are easy to use and include a touchscreen for easy operation in your cab. With a display, you can set A-B lines, but more importantly, you are able to adjust and improve your application rates, fuel economy, and even input placement. Some models are even set up for remote support and wireless data transfer.

Receivers are where the satellite signal comes into play. The receiver uses a satellite signal to provide accurate positioning throughout the field. A receiver is required for other precision agriculture technologies, such as AutoTrac™.

John Deere Operations Center is where you can keep all your data from the receiver and display in one convenient location. Easily review and analyze your valuable data to make better-informed decisions, or share with your approved, trusted advisors for feedback.

JDLink™ is a 4G wireless connection for your machines. With the addition of JDLink™ Connectivity, your machines provide real-time machine details to your John Deere Operations Center account. This allows operators to better manage their machines from anywhere.


How do I get started with Precision Agriculture?

Precision ag can sound scary when you are first starting out, but it doesn’t have to be. The trained Precision Specialists at Koenig Equipment are here to help you whether you are just starting your precision agriculture journey, or have been using precision agriculture technology for years. Contact your local Koenig Equipment to learn more today!  


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