Why Choose a John Deere StarFire™ Receiver as a Precision Agriculture Solution?

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How can a John Deere StarFire™ receiver benefit my operation?

Have you tried to implement a precision agriculture setup, but haven’t been able to get the results you’ve been expecting? It could be your receiver. If you don’t have a proper GPS receiver, you are not going to get the most available out of your Precision Agriculture setup. Learn more about the receivers available from John Deere to see what option will best serve your operation.

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What does a John Deere StarFire™ receiver do?

A StarFire™ receiver is the GPS receiver system available through John Deere. The StarFire™ receiver is used to acquire global positioning and differential correction signals required for most of the additional Precision Agriculture Solutions offered through John Deere, like AutoTrac™. StarFire™ receivers also have a Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) integrated into them to correct for machine dynamics. Some of these machine dynamics include rough terrain, varying soil conditions, and roll and pitch of side-slopes. For proper operation, accurate TCM calibration of a StarFire™ receiver is required.


How does the receiver fit into my precision agriculture setup?

To get the most out of your Precision Agriculture setup, you are going to need a GPS receiver. The receiver helps to ensure you have proper mapping and precise locations when you are reviewing your fertilizer, seed populations, and final yields. Without the accuracy the receiver provides, you will not be getting the most out of your Precision Agriculture components.


Which StarFire™ models are available?

The most current StarFire™ receiver is the StarFire™ 6000. There are two different StarFire™ 6000 receivers available for purchase as new right now. Along with the StarFire™ receivers, John Deere also offers additional system guidance with RTK equipment. 


StarFire™ 6000 with SF1

The StarFire™ 6000 with SF1 is your receiver option that does not require a subscription. This is the base/free version. Improve your bottom line with the faster pull-in times and improved performance in shaded conditions with the SF1 receiver.

  • Provides +/- 6-inch pass-to-pass accuracy.
  • Options to upgrade for enhanced accuracy and longer-term repeatability.
  • Rapid Recovery feature can quickly re-acquire lost signal.


StarFire™ 6000 with SF3

If you are looking to get the most out of your receiver, the StarFire™ 6000 with SF3 is your best option available. While this is the best receiver and accuracy available, be aware it does require a subscription.

  • Provides +/- 1.2-inch pass-to-pass accuracy.
  • Provides in-season repeatability, meaning that the A/B lines you establish for planting can be used for harvest.
  • Rapid Recovery feature can quickly re-acquire lost signals.
  • Requires a StarFire™ 6000 receiver, SF3 Ready Activation.
  • Requires John Deere SF3 subscription.


StarFire™ 6000 with RTK

Another receiver option available through John Deere is RTK. RTK is a system that utilizes satellite signals for highly accurate positioning. When time and accuracy matter, both radio and mobile RTK offer less than 1 minute pull-in times. Be aware that RTK solutions do have some requirements. These include:

  • John Deere mobile RTK subscription
  • StarFire™ 6000 receiver
  • SF3 Ready Activation
  • RTK Ready Activation


Where can I find a John Deere StarFire™ 6000 receiver for sale?

With the trained Precision Specialists at Koenig Equipment, you don’t have to look far to find a StarFire™ 6000 receiver to purchase and start incorporating into your operation. Whether you are looking for the basics of the StarFire™ 6000 with SF1, or the better accuracy and more features of the StarFire™ 6000 with SF3, you can find both available at your local Koenig Equipment dealership.