Winter Tractor Storage Tips

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Winter Tractor Storage Tips

Winter is here once again, meaning the bitter cold and snow are not far behind. As the changing weather sets in, it is important to adjust your tractor maintenance and storage practices accordingly. Whether you plan to utilize your tractor in the colder months, or won’t be using it until next year, the elements will have a negative effect on your equipment, unless you take the proper steps. Below are some suggestions from the team here at Koenig Equipment:

Tractor Storage

Find cover

Leaving your tractor exposed to the elements can cause irreparable damage. A dry, temperature-stable structure is the ideal location to store your tractor. Tractor covers can also aid in protection, but it is best to avoid plastic covers, as the restricted air circulation can trap moisture and lead to other machinery issues over time.

Clean / inspect / repair

 Give your tractor a thorough cleaning and a visual inspection. If you find any damage or other concerns, take the time to address those issues now. Correcting issues now will better prepare the tractor for immediate use next season.

Check the engine

 Before storing, clean and inspect your tractor’s engine area. This inspection should include a review of the engine oil and all filters. If oil and any filters require replacements, do so. Changing oil removes any contaminants present and introduces new oil additives to protect your engine. Allow the tractor to run for a few moments, until it reaches operating temperatures, to circulate the fresh oil.

Stabilize the fuel and replace fuel filters

 Untreated fuel left in the tank for an extended amount of time begins to break down, eventually clogging the small holes that fuel needs to pass through. If you are using bio-diesel, drain the fuel and add regular diesel, then allow your engine to run for a period of time to circulate the fuel.

Disconnect and store the battery

 Leaving your battery in the cold for the winter can lead to a dead battery in your tractor next season. After ensuring your current battery is fully charged, disconnect it and find a dry, cool location for its storage. If your battery will be stored for an extended period of time, consider installing a maintenance charger (strongly recommended).

Lubricate and protect

 Lubricate all fittings and paint, and apply protectant on all exposed metal parts.

Consult your Operators Manual for further instructions.  Following these suggestions will help ensure your tractor’s lifespan isn’t cut short by the adverse conditions of the winter months. For additional tips or questions, contact the experts at Koenig Equipment today!

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