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Connect Your Fleet with JDLink

As you grow your agricultural operation or continue to increase efficiency, staying connected with all of your machines, no matter where they are, can be a game-changer. Thanks to JDLink Connect from John Deere, you can monitor and manage your entire fleet in real time without ever having to leave the office.

Four Steps to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

It’s finally here! The snow has melted, the temperatures are getting a bit warmer, and we have even had a few days of sunshine. Spring is coming!

Now is the perfect time to dust off the lawn mower and get your property ready for the coming season. Here are a few items that you should keep in mind for your lawn as spring moves in:

Understand What Influences Yields with Field Analyzer Beta

Have you ever wondered why one of your fields produced better or worse from one year to the next? Maybe you have even tried to dig into your agronomic data but felt overwhelmed or that you didn’t have time. With Field Analyzer Beta from John Deere, you can quickly and easily analyze data, use it to make informed business decisions, and get back into the field.

Manage Your Equipment with Koenig MyDealer

Have you been looking for a simple way to manage your agricultural or lawn and garden equipment? Would you like to easily check on the status of repair work? Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly order any parts you need?

Winterize Lawn Equipment

If you haven’t already, now is the time to winterize your lawn mower or tractor before placing your equipment in storage. Proper storage now will make it much easier to get up and running next year.

Our expert technicians here at Koenig Equipment recommend the following simple steps to winterize your lawn and garden equipment.

John Deere Innovation in 2020 Tractors

John Deere has done it again! As a leader in agricultural innovation, John Deere continues to produce equipment that is a cut above the rest.

Twenty Tips for Harvest Safety

As farmers get back out in the fields for harvest, you will be spending a lot of time in your tractors, combines, trucks, and other equipment. Now is the perfect time to think about staying safe. Being aware of your surroundings and taking the right precautions can be all it takes to prevent serious injuries.

Is Your Combine Ready for Harvest? Key Things to Check Before You Go to the Field:


Cutting & Feeding: Correctly maintained and adjusted platforms, heads, & feeding systems must operate at a speed and height which will hold and remove all the harvested crop without seed loss and then deliver that material undamaged in an uniform mat to the threshing area of the combine. 

Areas of Concern: Cutter bar shatter; Reel shatter; Slug feeding, Row shelling; Ear bounce; Excessive stalks; Auger carryover; Crop auger damage, Feeder house conveyor speeds; Feeder house drum height.

Technology in Agriculture: Farm Forward 2.0

Farm Forward With New John Deere Technology

Agricultural technology is constantly changing, and John Deere is a leader in providing the hardware and connectivity that continues to move the industry forward. As a John Deere dealer, Koenig Equipment is proud to be a part of what makes our customers’ lives easier, more profitable, and moves us all into the future as we continue to feed a growing population. 

Planting Season Tips

Planting season is right around the corner! As unpredictable as the weather has been this year it’s important that everyone hits the ground running once the temperature starts to rise. As your farm prepares for another season, Koenig Equipment has put together a few tips to help you have a productive and safe planting season. Let’s take a look.

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