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How to Prepare your Farm for the Winter Season

As the days grow colder in towns like Botkins, OH, or Bloomington, IN, we know it’s only a matter of time before winter sets in. Getting your farm ready for winter is important and makes getting started in the spring that much simpler. Check out the following tips to get your farm and equipment ready for the winter season.

Safety Tips for Riding and Walk-Behind Mowers

Keeping your lawn in good shape is an important part of property ownership and can even be enjoyable. But taking proper precautions is a must in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. Whether you have a riding mower or a walk-behind, take a look at our safety tips and protect yourself when maintaining your property or at a work site.

Top Safety Tips for Tractors, Combines, & Farm Equipment

Having a safety-first attitude is a must when operating your tractor or combine. Being aware of the condition of your equipment as well as your surroundings is vital in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Take a look at the following tips in order to ensure safety on your farm:

Should I Buy Farm Equipment from a Dealership or Auction?

Nowadays there are multiple options when looking to buy the next piece of equipment for your operation. Two of the most well-known options for purchasing used equipment are farm equipment auctions and dealerships. While there can be benefits to both options, there are also other things to consider when purchasing used equipment.

Craigslist vs. A Dealer: How Should I Buy a Used Lawn Mower?

When you are in the market for lawn equipment, choosing a used lawn mower can provide as much value as new in many cases. With significant cost savings, you can often find all the features and capabilities you need for your property, but being sure you know what you are getting is important in order to reduce headaches down the road.

John Deere 745FD HydraFlex Draper vs. RD45F HydraFlex Draper

What are the Key Differences in the 745FD and the RD45F Draper?

The new RDF Series Drapers have multiple new features that take the previous 745FD to the next level.

Snow Removal Attachments for John Deere Tractors

In the Midwest, we never know when the first snowflakes will start falling, but with temperatures cooling down, the need for snow removal equipment won’t be far behind. There are several snow removal attachments available for your John Deere tractor to help you conquer any of your snow removal needs. Koenig Equipment has dealership locations throughout Indiana and Ohio, so our experienced team is ready to help you find the right snow removal equipment for you.

Four Steps to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

It’s finally here! The snow has melted, the temperatures are getting a bit warmer, and we have even had a few days of sunshine. Spring is coming!

Now is the perfect time to dust off the lawn mower and get your property ready for the coming season. Here are a few items that you should keep in mind for your lawn as spring moves in:

Understand What Influences Yields with Field Analyzer Beta

Have you ever wondered why one of your fields produced better or worse from one year to the next? Maybe you have even tried to dig into your agronomic data but felt overwhelmed or that you didn’t have time. With Field Analyzer Beta from John Deere, you can quickly and easily analyze data, use it to make informed business decisions, and get back into the field.

Manage Your Equipment with Koenig MyDealer

Have you been looking for a simple way to manage your agricultural or lawn and garden equipment? Would you like to easily check on the status of repair work? Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly order any parts you need?