John Deere Grapples

John Deere Grapple

Scrap Grapples and Rock Grapples

John Deere scrap grapples are designed for scrap-handling, recycling-center, disaster and jobsite-cleanup applications that require grappling power to handle material. Rock grapples are the ideal multipurpose tool for land clearing, brush-removal applications, and jobsite cleanup.

Contact the Koenig team to find the grapple you need for your skid steer or track loader.


Scrap Grapples


GS66B Scrap Grapple

1675 mm (66 in.)

485 kg (1,070 lb.)

GS72B Scrap Grapple

1830 mm (72 in.)

505 kg (1,110 lb.)

GS78B Scrap Grapple

1980 mm (78 in.)

520 kg (1,150lb.)

GS84B Scrap Grapple

2135 mm (84 in.)

540 kg (1,185 lb.)


Rock Grapples


GR72B Rock Grapple

1830 mm (72 in.)

530 kg (1,165 lb.)

GR84B Rock Grapple

2135 mm (84 in.)

570 kg (1,255 lb.)