Kansas Wheat Harvest Update


Editor's Note: Each year the Kansas City Board of Trade (now part of the CME Group), the Kansas Grain & Feed Association, the Kansas Wheat Commission and Kansas Association of Wheat Growers provide updates of the Kansas wheat harvest. Today's update is the sixteenth report of the 2016 harvest.

Jay Armstrong, an Atchison County farmer, reported that wheat harvest has wrapped up in his area within the last five days. Armstrong said that his fields averaged about 60 bushels an acre with a test weight range of 60 to 62 pounds per bushel.

He said that this year's yields weren't quite as strong as the previous two years, with 2015 averaging 70 bushels an acre and the previous year averaging 65. Armstrong attributes the decline in yields to planting dates that were impacted by a late fall harvest and the lack of moisture seen in the fall and winter.

"We also saw a lot of uneven emergence," said Armstrong. "But our area didn't see much disease pressure."

Justin Knopf, a Saline County farmer, said that "things are moving smoothly" for harvest in the area. He said that he was wrapping up his harvest on Tuesday evening and that many other farmers in the area are done.

"It was beautiful wheat with good grain," said Knopf. "Our straw was pretty tough when we started two weeks ago, but with our hot, dry weather it dried it out."

Knopf said that his average farm yield is in the low 60s, and the test weight ranges from 61 to 63 pounds per bushel. Protein content in the area is less than average, but is pushing 11%.

"We were really fortunate to get those ideal filling conditions, and the fungicide that was applied did its job," he said. "This is a good harvest with good cutting conditions, and we've been pretty pleased."

Mike McClellan, a Rooks County farmer, said several fields that he has harvested has yielded over 70 bushels an acre. While McClellan is reporting 10.5% moisture, he is seeing some green straw in several spots.

"I'm pretty sure this year will be the best year that I have ever had yield wise, and the last three have been the worst crops that we've ever had," McClellan said. "We're really happy to get some bushels."

McClellan wasn't the only farmer seeing great yields in the area. The next stop for his wheat crop will be Midland Marketing in Palco, a location that has seen increased wheat bushels that will be stored in several bunkers. Harvest in the area is expected to last around five more days.

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