Mower Blade X-Change

Sharp mower blades are critical to healthy grass, a good looking lawn, and long-term performance of your mower.  You should start each season with sharp blades, and sharpen again at least once per month during the heavy mowing season.
Koenig Rewards Members can purchase an extra set of blades for your mower at 10% off, then drop off one set while you mow with the other.  We’ll make sure you always have a sharpened set ready to go so you can spend your time using your mower, not in the garage with files and grinders.
Proper sharpening techniques and angles determine how long blades perform, and Koenig Equipment’s factory-trained technicians are here to make sure you get the performance and durability you expect.  Koenig Rewards Members get $1.00 off each blade sharpened (drop off only), right at the counter.  No coupons or cards needed, just your membership in Koenig Rewards!
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