Frontier AS10F Series Snow Pushes

studio image of as10f series snow push

Learn more about the features, specifications, and more for the AS10H Series Snow Pushes Snow Removal Equipment.

  • Reversible cutting edge
  • Heavy duty welded steel end plates
  • Quick-attach capability
Width128.5 cm
50.6 in.
Height49.0 cm
19.3 in.
Depth54.9 cm
21.6 in.
Cutting width121.9 cm
48.0 in.
Attachment carrier:
Current series style100, 200
Equipment64.4 kg
142 lb
Cutting edge:
Steel, spring resetYes
Thickness12 gauge
2.66 mm
0.1046 in.
Height48.3 cm
19.0 in.
Skid shoes:
Set-up time:
Labor hours0.25
Time period1 year
Additional information:
Date collected28-August-2017

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