Frontier RB20L Series Rear Blades

field image of Frontier RB20L series rear blade on tractor

From light utility work to heavy grading,the wide line of Frontier Rear Blades are designed for maximum versatility and performance.

  • iMatchTM compatible
  • Manually adjustable angle
  • Reversible cutting edge
  • Optional skid shoes
Width in working position1.8 m
5 ft
Moldboard length152.4 cm
60 in.
Moldboard height27.9 cm
11 in.
Moldboard thickness0.5 cm
0.1875 in.
Machine70.3 kg
155 lb
Shipping per unit91.2 kg
201 lb
Tractor requirements:
PTO hp (kW)25 hp
Max: 18.6 kW
Angle, tilt, offset, pivot:
Pivot angle degrees360 degree (angle)
Angle forward, number of positions0, 15, 30 degrees each side
Angle reverse, number of positions0, 15 degrees each side
TypeLimited Cat. 1 (aftermarket Cat. 0 lift pins available)
Quick hitch compatibilityiMatch
Reversible cutting edge:
Thickness1.3 cm
0.5 in.
Height15.2 cm
6 in.
Parking stand:
Standard with machineStandard
Time period1 year

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