Gravely Pro-Turn EV Electric Commercial Lawn Mower

Gravely PRO-TURN EV Electric Commercial Mower

Meet the all new Gravely Pro-Turn® EV electric commercial zero-turn mower, delivering all-day power and performance for your commercial business. Cover up to 6.1 acres per hour with a 60" deck and 11 mph forward ground speed on the EV 60 model. 

FusionCore QuikSwap Batteries

Powered by FusionCore QuikSwap batteries, the Pro-Turn EV offers flexibility and ensures a full day of cutting for your crew. With the industry's first swappable lithium-ion battery system, Gravely is forging new, innovative paths on the electric frontier.

X3 Constant Drive Spindles

By absorbing blade impact, Gravely's proprietary spindles help prevent motor damage and protect the mower from accidental run-ins with unseen obstacles. You can easily service these spindles, allowing you to rebuild rather than replace as needed.

Next-Gen Wheel Drives

Enjoy your ride! You will feel as if you're on a gas-powered machine without the vibration, noise and exhaust. Commercial durability and comfort, courtesy of transaxles driven by a brushless electric drive motor coupled with a planetary gearbox for increased torque. 

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