Ventrac KM500 Loader and Tools

Ventrac KM500 Loader

Fully Loaded Versatility & Maneuverability 

Introducing the new Ventrac KM500 Loader, revolutionizing the landscape, hardscape, site work, and tree care industries with its remarkable versatility.

Designed for seamless operation and hassle-free installation, the KM500 Loader is a perfect complement to the Ventrac 4520 tractor, unlocking its full potential as a loader and material transporter. When paired with a dual-wheeled tractor, it establishes itself as the ultimate turf-friendly loader available, enabling swift movement across turf surfaces without leaving any traces.


  • Light Footprint
  • Maneuverability
  • Versatility
  • Shuttle Fast
  • Ease of Operation


The four attachment options for the Loader add more versatility than ever before. The KM500 comes standard with a loader bucket for lifting, moving, transporting, and positioning any material it can scoop. And adding to the attachment capability line-up are the Rock Bucket with Grapple, the Log Grapple, and the Light Material Bucket.

KM500 with Standard Bucket

The Rock Bucket with Grapple has a versatile layout to transport anything from whole logs to loose debris. It will sift large rocks from dirt and surrounding material. The independent top grapples effectively trap odd-shaped materials, grasping the load with multiple clamping points for transport. The open structure offers excellent visibility of the bucket’s contents. The Rock Bucket is great for removing rocks during new lawn installations, moving debris into a dump trailer, or shuttling material across complex properties.

KM100 Rock Bucket with Grapple

The Log Grapple is a highly maneuverable way to transport whole logs. This time-saving capability means less log-cutting and fewer trips in and out of a work area. The log grapple allows users to place logs directly into a chipper or the back of a dump trailer with ease. In addition, the Log Grapple on the Ventrac Loader can secure whole logs, clusters of large branches, and material sized for the wood chipper, further speeding up tree work and job site clean-ups.

KM300 Log Grapple

The Light Material Bucket is the highest capacity bucket in the Ventrac attachment line-up. Its 1/2 yard size allows for reduced trips, saving time and fuel consumption when hauling light materials. In addition, this bucket is a time-saver for mulch installs and moving, spreading, and leveling any loose materials. Find a multitude of jobs for this bucket by the scoopful from mulch, wood shavings, sawdust, animal bedding, yard waste, compost, and more.

KM660 Light Material Bucket

Attachments and Other
Bloomington, Indiana
Botkins, Ohio
Germantown, Ohio
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Tipp City, Ohio
Urbana, Ohio
Sales ModelKM500KM100KM300KM560
Full DescriptionKM, KM500 LoaderKM, KM100 Rock Bucket w/ GrappleKM, KM300 Log GrappleKM, KM660 Bucket, Light Material
Product TypeAttachmentAccessoryAccessoryAccessory
Overall Width42 in 49" with Bucket51 in52 in67 in
Overall Length47 in 68" with Bucket25 in37 in25 in
Overall Height42 in21 in38 in20 in
Capacity1/6 Yard  1/2 Yard
Accessory Weight125 lbs Standard Bucket250 lbs193 lbs183 lbs
Weight475 lbs Loader Only   
Grapple Opening 22 in30 in