Ventrac SSV Sidewalk Snow Vehicle

Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Vehicle

The Ventrac Next Gen SSV is setting the standard for sidewalk snow management. With multiple attachments and a 34" machine width, the SSV is ready to access the tightest areas of any property, making sidewalk snow management easy and efficient! 

Eliminate shoveling, and reduce the manual labor required with a walk-behind snow blower. The SSV is easy to use, even for new operators in your workforce, to handle sidewalk snow and ice safely and efficiently.

Look no further than the Ventrac SSV paired with a compatible commercial-grade snow removal attachment from Koenig Equipment to tackle any storm this winter.


  • Operator Comfort - Dual-zone heated hand grips, intuitive controls, and suspended platform

  • 4X4 Skid Steer Operation - The perfect combination of maneuverability and power

  • All the Options - Every attachment and accessory to manage a full range of sidewalk snow effectively

  • Sidewalk Friendly - 34" wide compact machine tailored for sidewalks

  • One Pass De-icing - Apply brine and drop salt in one pass for a complete application system

  • Quick Attach Hitch - Tool-free attachment changes in under a minute

  • 8 MPH Top Speed - Achieve the best results with top speed efficiency

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Bloomington, Indiana
Botkins, Ohio
Germantown, Ohio
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Tipp City, Ohio
Urbana, Ohio
Sales Model2120M
Full DescriptionNT, 2120M SSV 23HP
Product TypeTractor
Horsepower23 hp
Peak Torque32 @ 3,000 RPM
Engine Disp.627 cc
Num. of Cylinders2
Fuel Capacity3.3 gal
Fuel TypeGas
DriveAWD All Wheel Drive
Travel Speedmph
Overall Height55 in
Overall Length67 in
Overall Width34 in
Wheelbase28 in
Weight970 lbs