Incite - Universal Tillage

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The Incite® 5100 Series tillage tool is an evolutionary tool in vertical tillage, providing the flexibility to adjust to different soil types and conditions. This tool is versatile, which allows conservation tillage and minimum-tillage growers to accomplish tasks that used to take multiple passes and multiple pieces of equipment in a single pass. The Incite® 5100 Series tillage tool includes working widths from 14' to 51' and features user-friendly design features like the Universal Tillage® selector. This allows for on-the-go hydraulic adjustment of disc gang angles.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal Tillage® Selector - Allows operator on-the-go disk angle adjustment between selected range points. Choose from 3°, 6°and 9°.
  • Hydraulic Dura-Reel® Height Adjust - Adjustable reel depth from disk depth to 8" above the bottom of the disk blade.
  • INCIZOR® Blades - Unique blade featuring 22" diameter 6mm razor-sharp reversed crimped blades for greater strength. Capable of 6" depth.
  • Dura-Reel® Patent pending - 7-blade 18" diameter open center reel with no center shaft for better material flow and resists plugging in wet, sticky soil. *5-Bolt hubs for added strength and durability.
  • Rolling Basket - Provides the finishing touch ‒ 8-high carbon flat bars have adjustable down pressure to meet varying field conditions. Convenient settings for more aggressive clod sizing or less aggressive for soil separating.
  • 3-Bar Spike Tooth Harrow - 3-Bar Spike Tooth Harrow follows the ground closely. Its flexibility allows residue to flow and easily raises or lowers to conform to various soil and residue conditions.
  • Swept Back Reel Design - Allows for better residue and rock clearance.
  • Articulating Ball Hitch - New articulating ball hitch for folding models provides a close fit with the hitch pin, reducing fatigue on the tractor draw-bar and implement hitch
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