Mobile Response Team FAQ

Mobile Response Team FAQ

When you are in need of fast and reliable on-site service for your agricultural equipment, the Koenig Mobile Response Team is here to help! We have a large team of certified technicians that are ready to serve agricultural customers in Indiana and Ohio.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Koenig Mobile Response Team, and please feel free to call your local Koenig location for any additional questions you may have.

Q: Who do I call to get service done at my location?

Call the Service Manager at your local Koenig location. They will get your information, details of what is needed, and open a work order. They will coordinate with the Mobile Response Team dispatcher to get a tech scheduled.

Q: Can I call the service technician or dispatcher directly?

Yes. The technician will still need to coordinate his schedule with the dispatcher and arrange any parts needs with the branch.

Q: Can I use your online Schedule Service tool to request service at my location?

Yes, requests for field service, and machine-generated alerts, are routed to the Mobile Response Team dispatchers directly. Once received, they will reach out to you for any additional details and to schedule the technician.



Q: What if I want a specific technician? Can I request them?

Yes, you can. We know that many customers prefer working with a trusted technician, and we can schedule them if you prefer. Understand that, at times, that technician may have a full schedule and that someone else may be available sooner. If that is the case, you’ll be offered the choice between the two.

Q: Will I have to pay more in travel charges if the technician is further away?

No, we charge travel from your Koenig location, not from where the technician is.

Q: Will this new structure cost more than before?

No, we have made no changes in the labor rates or travel charges. We have made this change to make all of our top service technicians available to assist customers in a wider area and share expertise more efficiently.

Q: Will covering a wider area cause delays in technician availability?

No, actually availability has improved because we have more service technicians in the pool to respond than we did in the branch-only structure. We can usually get someone there the same day, even in busy seasons.

Q: Can the technician perform all of my repairs at my location?

Usually yes, but some jobs are done more effectively in our shop. The Service Manager, technician, or dispatcher will discuss that with you, if necessary, before repairs begin. Having as much information as possible, including an active JD Link connection on eligible machines, will help to better determine that before a service technician arrives.