Performance Edge Lawn & Garden Maintenance Packages

Prepaid Maintenance Plans

Performance Edge is our exclusive maintenance plan for completing the maintenance services necessary to protect your equipment investment and maximize its performance. Choose from 1, 2, 3, or 4 year plans to match your needs and let us provide you with the other half of a great product.

A comprehensive service and inspection performed in our shop that includes:

  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Engine oil & filter change
  • Lubricate mower and mower deck
  • Fuel filter, spark plug & air filter placement
  • Sharpen and balance mower blades
  • Check & correct belt tension
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Check charging and safety systems
  • Check transmission oil & filter
  • Clean out underside of mower deck
  • Clean deck wheels & rollers
  • Power wash & detail entire unit
  • An ADDITIONAL YEAR OF WARRANTY exclusive to 4-year plan

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