Guide to John Deere Excavator Sizes, Weights, & Types

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Which types of excavators are available from John Deere?

Within the Compact Construction Equipment lineup, John Deere offers several compact excavators for operators to consider adding to their fleet. While they may be compact, the current excavator lineup is built with the same power and reliability that you have grown to expect from John Deere. From simple work to time-consuming projects, these compact excavators can get the job done.

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What are the sizes & weights of John Deere excavators?

John Deere offers six different models of compact excavators currently available. For smaller, less frequent tasks, the 17G Compact Excavator comes in as the smallest model available from John Deere. When you need more power and reach, the 60G Compact Excavator comes out on top as the largest compact excavator available. Learn more about each of the models below.

John Deere 17G Compact Excavator

  • Net Power: 10.8 kW (14.5 hp)
  • Max Digging Depth: 2.19 m (7 ft. 2 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 1,720 kg (3,790 lb.)

John Deere 26G Compact Excavator

  • Net Power: 14.9 kW (20 hp)
  • Max Digging Depth: 2.59 m (8 ft. 6 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 2,770 kg (6,110 lb.)

John Deere 30G Compact Excavator

  • Net Power: 17.4 kW (23 hp)
  • Max Digging Depth: 2.79 m (9 ft. 2 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 3275 kg (7,220 lb.)

John Deere 35G Compact Excavator

  • Net Power: 17.4 kW (23.3 hp)
  • Max Digging Depth: 3.06 m (10 ft. 0 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 3,690 kg (8,135 lb.)

John Deere 50G Compact Excavator

  • Net Power: 26.8 kW (35.9 hp)
  • Max Digging Depth: 3.53 m (11 ft. 7 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 4,920 kg (10,847 lb.)

John Deere 60G Compact Excavator

  • Net Power: 39.6 kW (53 hp)
  • Max Digging Depth: 3.77 m (12 ft. 4 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 6,180 kg (13,620 lb.)


What’s the difference between an excavator, a digger, and a trackhoe?

When it comes to the terms like ‘excavator’, ‘digger’, and ‘trackhoe’, they are all words for the same piece of equipment. Excavators are tracked machines that are used to dig or trench and have the ability to rotate 360-degrees.


Where can I find new & used excavators for sale near me?

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