Improving My Operation and Output with Machine Sync Technology

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The value of time continues to become more and more important and critical in the farming industry. John Deere software continues to offer new solutions to help producers run equipment at optimum performance. Operations have expanded and are now running multiple machines in the field during both planting and harvest seasons, making machine-to-machine communication crucial to optimize planting and harvest. This is where John Deere Machine Sync comes in.



What is Machine Sync?

Machine Sync is a John Deere software option available for your operation if you use multiple machines in the same field at the same time. When John Deere first released Machine Sync, it was designed as a harvest solution for combines and tractor grain carts to communicate. With recent updates, John Deere Machine Sync software provides solutions for both planting and harvesting operations.  


How can I save money and time by farming smarter with Machine Sync?

Agriculture efficiency and productivity continue to increase with new equipment technology. Farmers have been operating with multiple machines and operators in the same fields for a while, but through Machine Sync software, operators can now share coverage maps and guidance lines from machine to machine. When machines instantly share their data with one another, owners have immediate access to important data for the entire operation, not just one machine.

Having the ability for machines to communicate saves money by cutting down input costs. Coverage maps and guidelines are shared across machine displays, ensuring that features like Section Control™ account for the rows the other planting has already covered. Limiting overlap for both seed and chemicals cuts down on input costs. When machines communicate better throughout the field, owners are able to run their operations with improved productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.


How does John Deere Machine Sync software assist with complex farming operations?

John Deere Machine Sync includes a variety of features that help operators during multiple seasons in the field.

Planting season – (Crop) Coverage map sharing is vital when multiple planters are operating in the same field, especially if that field consists of terraces, waterways, or is an irregular shape in general. With machines being able to share their coverage maps, operators can cover the field more efficiently and control costs through John Deere Section Control. With machines communicating in real-time, they know when to shut rows off to prevent planting overlap. Guidance line sharing allows for multiple machines to pick up one another’s guidance line coordinates from anywhere in the field, allowing you to plant perfectly with multiple planters instead of just one.

Harvest season – Machine Sync takes communication between the combine and tractor grain cart to the next level. Through sharing coverage maps and guidance lines, the combine and tractor grain cart make unloading on the go a breeze! Machine Sync also works across multiple combines in a field which is crucial for providing a more accurate detail into yield and acre totals.


What machines are the Machine Sync software and upgrades compatible with?

Machine Sync from John Deere works in machines through GreenStar™ 3 and Gen 4 Displays™. Equipment that is connected to GreenStar™ 3 or Gen 4 Displays™ is compatible with Machine Sync. Recent Machine Sync updates were designed to allow it to work seamlessly with the well-known John Deere AutoTrac™ and Section Control™ features operations have already grown accustomed to. With the addition of Machine Sync to the precision software, operators can continue to increase their productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.


Where can I find additional information about John Deere Machine Sync?

The  Precision Specialists at Koenig Equipment are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest technology John Deere has to offer. With top-of-the-line John Deere precision equipment available, along with any level of precision support you need, your local Koenig Equipment can help you keep your operation running as productive and efficient as possible. 


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