John Deere Precision Agriculture Display Comparison & Benefits

Submitted by Audrey Voisard on Thu, 10/28/2021 - 1:32pm

Which John Deere displays are available?

Depending on your precision agriculture needs, John Deere offers a few different display options. The range of different displays helps you ensure you have the functions you need and want, without having to pay for additional features you aren’t interested in right now. Discover the available options Koenig Equipment has for John Deere displays.


John Deere Gen 4 CommandCenter Dispay


John Deere Precision Agriculture 4600 Display

With the 4600 CommandCenter™ Display, you can take your precision ag management to the next level with multiple software upgrade options. The 4600 Display comes with four video inputs and has the ability to connect to an extended monitor in your equipment.

There are three different activation levels available for the 4600 Display, so you can choose the right activation level for you and your operation as you start the precision agriculture journey and grow to want more features. Choose among the Gen4 AutoTrac™ Activation, the Gen4 Premium Activation, or the Gen4 Automation Activation where you have all the precision agriculture features.


John Deere Precision Agriculture 4200 Display

The 4200 CommandCenter™ is available through factory-install on 6R, 7-210R, and 7-230R tractors. With the 4200 display you have the ability to run AutoTrac guidance, documentation, and data sync. Section Control is also available with the 4200 Display when you have the AutoTrac activation.

When your operation doesn’t require intense precision agriculture practices, the 4200 CommandCenter™ is a great way to take advantage of some of the core practices without having to invest in features you might not use.


John Deere Precision Agriculture 4640 Display

If you have a mixed fleet and older John Deere tractors as part of your operation, and you are trying to add in precision ag practices, the 4640 Universal Display is a great place to start.

The 4640 Universal Display offers enhanced data merging capabilities along with improved data capture and collection. If you have JDLink™ you can wirelessly send all your data to one convenient location in the John Deere Operations Center. If you want more advanced applications, add a 4640 Premium or 4640 Automation Subscription for even more capabilities.


John Deere Precision Agriculture 4240 Display

Take your operation to the next level of efficiency with a 4240 Universal Display. The 4240 Display comes with some great standard features to get you started on your precision farming track. These features include AutoTrac guidance, documentation, data sync, and section control.

Utilize the wireless USB adaptor to deliver display subscriptions and software updates easily. Reduce the risk of data loss by using the wireless data transfer option to send your data to the John Deere Operations Center to review in real-time. You can also easily transfer setup, prescription, and documentation files between your mobile devices and other displays (with 4640/4240 Universal Displays or 4600/4200 CommandCenter™ Displays).


Where can I find precision agriculture displays from John Deere near me?

At Koenig Equipment you can find the John Deere display that fits your and your operation’s needs. With a full team of Precision Specialists you can rest assured knowing that not only will you find the right precision ag display for your operation, but you will have the help and support through any questions you may have on how to get the most out of your display.

Visit the Koenig Equipment location nearest you to find the John Deere precision agriculture display for your operation today.


Written by: Boland Media