Mulching vs. Bagging: What to Do with Lawn Clippings?

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Should I Bag or Mulch my Lawn Clippings?

Most homeowners wonder which is better, mulching or bagging their lawn clippings. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your lawn. 


What are the benefits of mulching lawn clippings?

Mulching your grass is not simply mowing with a side discharge mower. When you mulch your grass, you are cutting your lawn clippings finely enough that they are not seen in your lawn. There are also some key benefits and sciences behind mulching. 

  • Nutrients are turned directly back into the ground, so it requires less watering and fertilizer
  • Returning valuable nutrients and organic matter back to the soil helps to prevent weeds
  • Mulching fall leaves while cutting your lawn reduces the need for raking 


What are the benefits of bagging lawn clippings?

If you’re looking for a uniform, well-kept lawn, then bagging might be the better route for you to go. Like mulching, there are some key benefits to bagging your lawn clippings. 

  • When rehabbing your lawn, bagging helps to limit the dispersal of weed seeds
  • Maintain a uniform appearance during the thick growing season
  • Clean up fall leaves while mowing as oppose to raking them
  • Use your grass clippings as compostable material if you compost


John Deere Z755


Which lawn & garden solutions make mulching and bagging easy?

When it comes to mulching, John Deere’s MulchControl System is a game changer. You can easily switch from mulching to side discharge with the push of a button with the One-Touch MulchControl System (compatible with X300/X500 Series). Change to mulching with the Standard Mulch Control System by simply pulling a lever on the deck. The Standard MulchControl is compatible with the following Lawn and Garden Tractors:

  • X300 Series
  • X500 Series
  • X700 Series
  • Z300 Series
  • Z500 Series

For bagging your lawn clippings, John Deere has multiple different sizes of hoppers, chutes, and power flow blowers. No matter the size of your mower, they have a bagger designed to fit it perfectly. Examples include:

  • 7-bu Dump from Seat Hopper 
  • 14-bu Dump from Seat Hopper
  • Rear Bagger Chute for 42A Mower
  • 7-bu Power Flow Chute

Whether you are looking to mulch or bag your lawn, check out all the lawn and garden attachments that Koenig Equipment has to offer!