What are the Lawn Care Basics during Summer in the Midwest?

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Lawn care routines for lawns in the Midwest during the summer months

Lawn care routines vary greatly across the regions of the United States. If you live in the Midwest, your lawn experiences both ends of the climate spectrum from scorching hot summers to frigid cold winters. Your lawn needs to be able to handle the full year of climate it experiences, which makes hardy grass species a necessity in the Midwest region. Proper seasonal lawn maintenance will help keep your lawn healthy and the envy of your neighbors.



Summer lawn maintenance

Proper summer lawn maintenance is more than just mowing your lawn. Lawn grubs and pests can quickly damage the overall lawn health once they make their appearance. Applying treatment at the right time can help minimize the grubs to keep them from eating your healthy lawn’s roots. Grub and pest treatment work best when applied in early summer (around June), in the Midwest. 


When should I fertilize?

A lawn fertilizer schedule can be difficult to figure out sometimes. Generally, fertilizing in the summer is not the best timing because adding fertilizer during the summer heat causes your lawn to burn up instead of bringing a browning lawn back to life. However, fertilizing prior to summer or early summer can help your lawn withstand droughts and hot weather conditions. 


What should my summer mowing schedule look like?

Mowing season in the Midwest is a long one and your summer mowing schedule is vital for your lawn’s health. Hotter temperatures will slow down the grass growth compared to the cooler spring and fall temperatures. When the grass isn’t growing as quickly, it is important to not over-mow. A good way to tell when it is time to mow is by the height of the grass blades. Once they reach about 4-inches, it is a good time to mow. Allowing your lawn to grow a little longer helps the roots grow deeper and can help it because more prepared to withstand a drought.


How to manage my lawn in the summer

While some grass species are more drought-resistant than others, about one inch of water a week is ideal for grass to stay healthy and grow properly. If you are setting into a drought period and want your lawn to learn to withstand the heat, you can skip watering your lawn for a week or two occasionally. If you choose not to water your lawn in a drought and it starts turning brown, there’s no need to panic. When grass goes dormant it will turn brown, if the lawn is dormant and not dead, it will come back to green again once it receives adequate water.


Where can I find lawn and garden equipment near me?

Lawn care can be easy with the right lawn and garden equipment. Your local Koenig Equipment offers a variety of lawn and garden equipment and attachments to ensure you find the best fit for your property. Visit your local Koenig Equipment salesman today to learn more about the John Deere equipment they have to offer for all your summer lawn needs.


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