What Do I Need to Know About the John Deere Autonomous Tractor?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 02/17/2022 - 12:05pm

If you’ve heard rumors of a fully autonomous tractor coming to the market soon, the rumors are true. John Deere announced the new autonomous tractor at the beginning of January 2022. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the latest technology to hit the agriculture industry from John Deere.

While Koenig Equipment won’t have autonomous tractors available for the foreseeable future, we do have the absolute best in farm equipment from John Deere and other manufacturers right now. Take a look at available agricultural equipment solutions and contact us today!



What’s the difference between an autonomous tractor & a driver-driven tractor?

While AutoTrac™ has been offered by John Deere for a long time now, it does not eliminate the need for a driver in the cab of the tractor. Even with AutoTrac™ and GPS navigation, tractors still currently need an operator in the cab to ensure the direction of the tractor to avoid obstacles and missteps that may occur. Yes, AutoTrac™ has taken a lot off the operator’s hands, but they are still required to be in the cab of the tractor for it to be running and operating.

The autonomous tractor takes things up a notch. An autonomous tractor still requires an operator to drive it to the field, but after that, you can control it all through your phone or mobile device. Fully monitor the operation and progress of the autonomous tractor with live videos and images along with by the minute data and metrics. Along with monitoring through your mobile device, you are also able to adjust key settings as needed.


What are the potential benefits of an autonomous tractor?

It is no surprise that the global population continues to grow, increasing pressure on farmers to produce high enough yields to meet the growing food demand, on top of having less available land to do so. Add in the excess number of variables farmers must deal with, like weather, soil quality, etc., and the job becomes even tougher. By adding the newer technology innovations on top of John Deere’s GPS navigation and current technologies, you can allow your tractor to work autonomously while you are away from the field. The autonomous tractor will help farmers work more effectively and efficiently.


Do we know how much a John Deere autonomous tractor will cost?

As of now, exact costs aren’t known. We do know that certain autonomous tractor models are expected to be over $600,000. Along with the actual autonomous tractor, John Deere will also offer just the automation system separately. When purchasing just the automation system, the software would be downloaded into a tractor the operator already owns. Costs for just the automation system have not been announced yet, and it would only be available for certain tractor models. More details will come on that as important details are finalized and autonomous become available for sale.


When can I expect to see a John Deere autonomous tractor for sale at Koenig Equipment?

John Deere has not currently given a confirmed release date for the new autonomous tractors. They announced the first week of January 2022 that they are ready for large-scale production with hopes that they will be available at dealerships later in 2022. Be sure to follow Koenig Equipment for updates on production and purchase opportunities of the new John Deere autonomous tractors as the 2022 year continues.


What are the current John Deere tractor solutions available?

Koenig Equipment offers you the latest in John Deere tractor solutions to help you get the most out of your operation. While there are a variety of solutions available, some include:

  • Intelligent Power Management (IPM) to offer an increase in horsepower during PTO and transport.
  • Emissions Control lowers total fuel economy by using less diesel fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).
  • CommandPRO™ Control with IVT offers seamless control of both the tractor and implements.
  • Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™) delivers smooth shifting from 0 to 26 or 31 mph.
  • Engine options to deliver unmatched performance horsepower that can go even higher with Intelligent Power Management.