What Zero-turn Mowers Does Gravely Offer?

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About the Gravely Zero-Turn Mowers

Gravely is designed with durability, efficiency, and dependability for professional landscapers. When it comes to Gravely mowers, they are built to help you keep and maintain a beautiful landscape acre after acre. Learn more about the different zero-turn mowers Gravely has to offer.


Gravely ProTurn 660 Mower


Pro-Turn 200 Series

The Gravely Pro-Turn 200 Series mower is full of durability and has the performance to help you tackle even the toughest jobs. The 200 Series features a full-suspension seat system and a 7-gauge X-Factor deck.


Pro-Turn 400 Series

The Pro-Turn 400 Series has durability and full-time power and performance regardless of the hours in your workday. This Gravely has a strong frame, smart controls, and a smooth ride to ensure lasting comfort and performance.


Pro-Turn 600 Series

The Pro-Turn 600 Series is the latest and greatest addition to the Gravely commercial zero-turn lawn mowers, and it will surpass all your expectations. Enjoy superior performance with a redefined focus on the operator’s comfort. The X-Factor III Deck is redesigned for better grass dispersion and constructed from 7-gauge steel. Built with a Kawasaki FX1000 engine, the 600 Series brings power with 35-38.5 horsepower.


ZT X Series Zero-Turn

When you hear the Gravely name, you have come to expect legendary performance, and that is exactly what you will get with the ZT X Series zero-turn mowers. With a ZT X Series mower, you can bring commercial-grade performance directly to your backyard with either a 42-inch or 52-inch deck.


ZT HD Series Zero-Turn

The ZT HD Series mowers are built to commercial standards for durability and power to help you mow the distance. See how easily the ZT HD Series will exceed your expectations of a mower on comfort, speed, style, and precision. Pick the perfect size ZT HD Series mower for your property from the variety of deck sizes, from 44 inches up to 60 inches.


Pro-Turn EV Series

For all-day power and performance for your property or commercial business, discover the new Gravely Pro-Turn EV Series electric commercial zero-turn. These go the distance. The EV 60 model has a 60-inch deck and a forward ground speed of 11 mph, meaning you can cover up to 6.1 acres in just 60 minutes. Your crew can cut for a full day with FusionCore QuikSwap batteries, the industry’s first swappable lithium-ion battery system. With the proprietary spindles, you can rest assured knowing they are there to help prevent motor damage and protect you from any accidental run-ins with unseen obstacles.


Benefits of a Zero-Turn Mower

Zero-turn mowers have steadily become more and more popular over the years, but some people are still skeptical. There are a few key benefits to a zero-turn mower, which include easier maneuverability, faster mowing, and less fuel consumption.


Maneuvers More Easily

Zero-turn mowers are easily maneuvered around the toughest obstacles. With the convenient hand controls, you can make a 360-degree turn with ease.


Mows Faster

Your time is worth something. Save your time and money by getting the job done faster with a zero-turn mower. Easily increase the speed with the hand controls, all while controlling the direction you mow with the same hand controls.


Uses Less Fuel

Zero-turn mowers are very fuel-efficient. When you are able to maneuver around your property easier, along with mowing faster, you are going to cut down on your fuel consumption as well. When considering an already fuel-efficient mower, and adding increased maneuverability and fast mowing, you are set to cut down your fuel use even more.


Get Your Gravely Pro-Turn Mower from Koenig

Koenig Equipment may be your well-known John Deere dealership, but they are also your perfect spot to go when looking to purchase a Gravely mower! Gravely zero-turn mowers are available exclusively at Koenig Equipment’s Lebanon, Ohio, and Franklin, Indiana, locations. The trained sales professionals can help you leave with the peace of mind of knowing you have a great machine that will be the perfect addition to your property or commercial mowing/landscaping business.