Why Should I Add See & Spray™ Ultimate to My Operation?

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John Deere continues to lead the way in precision agriculture and advanced technology to help farmers optimize their operations and reduce waste. See & Spray™ Ultimate by John Deere brings cutting-edge technology to your operation by using computer vision and machine learning that allows for targeted herbicide applications.

Continue reading to learn more about what you can expect from the new John Deere See & Spray™ Ultimate technology and how it can benefit your operation.



What is See & Spray™ Ultimate technology?

See & Spray™ Ultimate is designed to efficiently control weeds through corn, soybean, and cotton fields in-season by only applying herbicide when weeds are present. Weeds are accurately detected as the sprayer crosses the field by the cameras and processors mounted every meter across the entire length of the sprayer booms. The learning system of cameras within See & Spray™ Ultimate sees and scans up to 2,100 square feet at once.

Previously, operators could only apply one mixture at a time. However, with See & Spray™ Ultimate, operators can avoid antagonism by using two separate tanks. Independent tanks allow operators to travel with two mixtures and apply them both in one smooth pass. For example, you can apply targeted and traditional broadcast solutions in the same pass. Dual tank options are available in 1,000 or 1,200-gallon combined capacities.


How is See & Spray™ Ultimate different from See & Spray™ Select?

See & Spray™ Select was the original John Deere See & Spray™ technology. See & Spray™ Select allows you to accurately spray fallow ground while only spraying where weeds are present. See & Spray™ Ultimate takes the original technology from See & Spray™ Select to the next level with new benefits, including in-season application.

New features of See & Spray™ Ultimate compared to See & Spray™ Select include:

  • Detecting weeds through corn, soybean, and cotton fields.
  • Enhanced accuracy with cameras and processors.
  • Different split-size options from the dual tank.


How can See & Spray™ Ultimate benefit my operation?

By adding See & Spray™ Ultimate technology to your operation, you will experience a variety of benefits.

  • Optimize your input costs: The sensors and machine learning feature of See & Spray™ Ultimate sprays only when weeds are present in the field, providing effective weed control while reducing herbicide costs.
  • Increase your efficiency: With precise, automated spraying, operators cover more ground in less time.
  • Improve your yield potential: Removing weed pressure by treating chance weeds allows your crops to get the complete nutrients and moisture they need to prosper without competing. The dual tank option will enable you to simultaneously apply targeted and traditional broadcast solutions instead of making separate passes and risking additional crop damage.
  • Enhance your sustainability: Minimizing your herbicide use by only applying where needed can help reduce your operation's environmental impact. This will help improve your farming practice's sustainability while meeting consumer demands.

Take advantage of more benefits by streaming your machine and agronomic data directly to your John Deere Operations Center™ with the JDLink™ modem that comes standard with See & Spray Ultimate™ to gain more insight into your operation. Accurate data on weed presence, treatment applications, and rates will allow you to make more informed decisions for your operation year-round.


Can I add See & Spray™ Ultimate technology to my current sprayer?

See & Spray™ Ultimate performance upgrade kits are not available to add the technology to your current sprayer. See & Spray™ Ultimate is only available on the model year 2023 410R, 412R, and 612R John Deere Sprayers as a factory-installed option.


Where can I find more information on John Deere See & Spray™ Ultimate?

If you think See & Spray™ Ultimate might be the right fit for your operation, the team of experts at Koenig Equipment is here to help. With our trained sales team and optimization specialists, your local Koenig Equipment has the knowledge and skills to help you decide on the perfect sprayer and sprayer technology for your operation. Contact your local dealership to learn more today!


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