Why Should I Become an Agriculture Equipment Technician?

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Choosing a career path can be an exciting, yet difficult, decision. Being sure that you have knowledge of your options and where to go to find more information can help prepare you to choose the career that is right for you. If you are considering becoming an Agricultural Equipment Technician, here is some information that can help you.



What does an Agriculture Equipment Technician do?

Agricultural Equipment Technicians repair, overhaul, and maintain heavy equipment that is used in agriculture. In this very hands-on job, a technician will work on everything from tractors and combines to tillage equipment, planters, drills, and more. You will spend some days in a shop and others out in the field in order to set up or repair electronic systems, engines, hydraulic systems, and mechanic issues.


What are the benefits of becoming an Agriculture Equipment Technician?

There are many benefits that come with a career as an Ag Equipment Technician, such as:

Variety in the Workplace

As an Ag Equipment Technician, you will have the chance to work on many different types of farm equipment as well as take care of many different types of tasks. You may be on a laptop doing diagnostics, getting a brand new tractor or combine ready for the field, or rebuilding an engine on a classic equipment model. You may also be in the shop some days and out in fields with farmers on others. In short, no two days look alike, which makes for an interesting and enjoyable workday.

Market Demand and Job Security

The farming industry has been around for hundreds of years and continues to grow even now. With expanding technology and capabilities within the heavy equipment needed to power the farming industry, the demand for people who can keep that equipment running also continues to grow.

Salary Range for Agriculture Equipment Technicians

The salary of an Ag Equipment Mechanic depends on many factors, just as salary for any job does. Things to consider include location, amount of experience, level of training, etc. Hourly rates for technicians can be as much as $35 per hour, or even higher, with the right experience level and training.

Career Development Opportunities

Not only is there a high demand for Ag Equipment Technicians, but there is always room for growth and career development within the field as well. Additional training, which can lead to salary increases, is always available and often subsidized by an employer, like Koenig Equipment.  Koenig Equipment even provides opportunities for technicians to advance into management roles if they are interested in leadership.


What skills and personality traits do Agriculture Equipment Technicians have?

As more electronic components and new technology are constantly added to today’s farm equipment, an Ag Technician’s responsibilities continue to be more complex. In addition to knowledge of diesel mechanics, a technician needs to know about computer technology, electronically controlled hydraulic systems, global positioning systems, and more.

Attention to detail is a must in order to diagnose and repair all types of equipment issues. An interest in learning new technologies, skills, and techniques is also important as farm equipment is constantly changing and being upgraded. And while technicians are not always face-to-face with customers, you will often need to speak with them to collect needed information about the equipment or to explain the reason for repairs, so communication skills are also needed.


How can I become an Agriculture Equipment Technician?

Required Schooling

There are many paths available in order to become an Ag Equipment Technician. You may decide to attend a trade school like Vincennes University, Owens Community College, or the University of Northwest Ohio and receive an associate degree. Another option is to find an apprenticeship program. You may even be able to start without a degree or certification if you have a large amount of on-the-job experience, but most employers will want you to obtain certification after being hired if this is the route you take.

We also recommend that you work while attending school, possibly with a part-time job or internship, in order to gain experience before you have even received your certification. This extra experience gives an added boost to your resume when searching for your full-time position post-graduation.

Programs & Internships near me

If you are near Ohio or Indiana, or would consider relocation for a quality program, the John Deere Tech Program is available at Vincennes University in Indiana and Owens Community College in Ohio. The John Deere Tech Program is a two-year Associate degree. This program is designed to train technicians and prepare you for a career at a John Deere dealership by providing classroom and hands-on instruction on the latest in John Deere equipment.

Koenig Equipment provides paid internships and tuition reimbursement, so you can start gaining that experience early and graduate debt-free. Get the most out of your internship with the Koenig Equipment John Deere Tech Program!


How can I learn more about becoming an Agriculture Equipment Technician?

If you think becoming an Agriculture Equipment Technician may be right for you, learning as much as you can about the career is your next step. Contact us at Koenig in order to job shadow so you can spend a day in the life of an Ag Technician or simply give us a call so we can answer any questions you may have. And make sure to take a look at careers on our website.




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