Does John Deere Make an Electric Riding Lawn Mower?

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Interest in electric vehicles has continued to increase over recent years. With more people interested in “going green” and reducing their carbon footprint, John Deere is joining the electric revolution and offering their first fully electric residential lawn mower, available for purchase in 2023. Continue reading to learn more about John Deere’s new electric riding lawn mower and what it has to offer your property.


What electric riding mower models are available from John Deere?

John Deere is adding to their well-known residential line of ZTrak™ mowers with the Z370R Electric ZTrak. This is a residential-size, zero-turn mower. While John Deere has plans to offer a full line of battery-powered residential lawn mowers, the Z370R Electric is the first to be released. Keep an eye out, as more models will be available in the future.



How does the electric mower work?

The Z370R Electric mower works and offers the same performance you’ve come to expect from John Deere’s lawn mowers, except it is powered by a 3.2-kWh (3.56 kWh maximum) sealed lithium-ion battery. Charge your mower by plugging a standard extension cord into a 110-volt grounded outlet. The battery does not need to be removed from the mower to charge, and there is no special charger to purchase. Once your mower is fully charged, you are ready to go.


What kind of power does an electric mower offer?

The electric Z370R ZTrak offers excellent power to mow your lawn efficiently. The 58 Volt lithium-ion battery operates a dual electric motor transmission that provides enough power to mow up to 2 acres with a full charge. With forward speeds up to 7 mph and reverse speeds up to 3.5 mph, you can mow your lawn at the same speeds as a gas-powered mower.


What maintenance does an electric mower require?

John Deere electric mowers might not have oil or filter change needs, but they still require some maintenance to keep them in proper working condition and increase their lifespan.

Battery maintenance – Since a lithium-ion battery powers the mower, it is crucial to keep it charged after each use and store it in a cool, dry place.

Electrical connections – Electric mowers include multiple electrical connections. Routinely check that your connections are secure and show no signs of corrosion.

Moving parts – Even though there are fewer moving parts on an electrical mower than on a gas-powered mower, it is important to keep them lubricated for proper operation. Prevent wear and tear by routinely lubricating axles, wheels, and other moving parts.

Blades – Your blades are the most important piece for a clean-cut lawn. Check your mower blades and sharpen them as needed. If your blades are dull, you risk damaging your grass and increasing your chance of disease.

As always, be sure to follow specific maintenance instructions included in your Operator’s Manual.


What are the pros and cons of an electric mower?

With any purchase, it is important to consider the pros and cons before making your final decision. Fully electric riding lawn mowers are the ideal solution for some properties, but not all.



Quiet operation – Electric mowers offer more silent operation than gas-powered mowers. The quieter operation makes them ideal for residential areas, as you will be less likely to disturb your neighbors. If you want to mow early in the morning without waking people up, this is an ideal feature.

Easy start – Electric mowers are quick and easy to start, with no manual choke.

Low maintenance – Electric mowers do not need gas or oil, meaning less maintenance than gas-powered lawn mowers. Without gas or oil, there is no need to change the oil or replace fuel and oil filters.

Cost-effective – Electric mowers are cheaper to maintain and operate in the long run due to fewer maintenance requirements.

Environmentally friendly – If lowering your carbon footprint is important to you, an electric lawn mower can help. Electric mowers are powered by batteries that do not emit harmful gases like gas-powered lawn mowers.



Initial cost – While cheaper to maintain in the long run, electric mowers are more expensive than gas-powered mowers when first purchased. An electric lawn mower is an investment in the beginning and might not be a feasible option for some.

Charging time – The lithium-ion batteries take several hours to charge and power your electric lawn mower fully, so it is important to always plan when you would like to mow so your battery can be fully charged.

Operating time – A fully charged battery only offers power for so long. If you have a large area to cover, your limited battery life might require recharging before you can complete mowing.

Limited availability – Electric lawn mowers are newer to the scene and not mass-produced yet like gas-powered mowers, making them not as easy to find and purchase. Finding accessories and replacement parts can be difficult as well.


Where can I find more information about purchasing the new John Deere electric mower?

Currently, the John Deere Z370R Electric mower is only available for purchase online. If you want to learn more or purchase the new electric residential riding mower, contact your trained Sales Specialist at your local Koenig Equipment.


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