How Can I Improve Harvesting Efficiency with John Deere ActiveYield™?

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What is John Deere ActiveYield™, and how can it improve my operation?

John Deere ActiveYield™ takes the work out of manual yield calibrations by using automated sensors that calibrate by measuring the grain as it fills the grain tank. Load cells installed in the grain tank allow ActiveYield™ to provide continuous, automatic calibration of the mass flow sensor. As the grain tank fills, the load cells estimate the change in weight of the grain. Load cell data is compared to the clean grain elevator mass flow sensor data through the AYM controller software in the moisture sensor and minimizes error by adjusting the mass flow sensor calibration.

ActiveYield™ helps improve your operation with the multiple benefits that come with the addition of this technology, including:

  • Simplified data collection to utilize during and after harvest.
  • More accurate data on yields and field mapping.
  • Improved uptime in the field with simplified, automated yield calibrations.
  • Save time from calibrating multiple loads by weighing and inputting the data into the display.
  • Improve overall efficiency.



What crops are best suited for ActiveYield™?

ActiveYield™ is an excellent tool for your operation. However, not all crops work with ActiveYield™ technology. If you purchase any precision agriculture technology for crop farming, it is essential to ensure the new technology supports all the crops you grow. You don’t want to invest in something that you won’t be able to utilize for your entire row crop operation.

Currently, ActiveYield™ supports barley, canola/rape seed, soybeans, wheat, and corn crops. To ensure proper use and get the most value out of your investment, these are the only crops that currently work with ActiveYield™ technology.


What are the system requirements for ActiveYield™?

John Deere ActiveYield™ is not compatible with all John Deere combine models. Currently, ActiveYield™ is a factory-installed option for S700 Series combines. If you are interested in John Deere ActiveYield™ precision technology, retrofit kits are available for some S-Series Combines 2012 and newer, including S670, S770, S680, S780, S690, and S790, along with S660 and S670 models with Power Fold grain tanks. These kits are not compatible with S550, S650, and S660 model combines.

Along with a compatible combine model, ActiveYield™ requires a 4600 CommandCenter™ Display, GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display, or a GreenStar™ 3 CommandCenter™ for proper functionality. For ActiveYield™ to detect correct machine pitch, a StarFire™ 3000 or 6000 Receiver will need to be installed on the combine with the Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) calibrated. Since each crop has a built-in default value, manual yield calibration is not required.


How do I use John Deere ActiveYield™ to calibrate my combine?

Calibrating your combine with ActiveYield™ eliminates the time-consuming process of manual calibration, helping to minimize errors. Once ActiveYield™ is enabled on your display, and the TCM in your compatible StarFire™ receiver is calibrated, ActiveYield™ is ready for the field. The three sensors in the grain tank work together to measure the grain as it enters the tank. The ActiveYield™ system starts taking measurements once grain is accumulating at 2,000 pounds. Once the grain weight reaches 6,600 pounds, the system stops accepting measurements. This process offers more precise data than random calibrations. Once the grain is below the sensors on the cross auger covers, the system will start a new calibration load.

Learn how to set up John Deere ActiveYield™ by watching this tutorial video:



What other farm automation resources are available?

John Deere continues to provide precision agriculture technologies to meet the growing demands of the agriculture industry. Currently, John Deere has been focusing on delivering technologies to help automate parts of daily operations.

John Deere automation resources include:


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