What Does the Future Look Like for John Deere & Farming?

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What is John Deere planning for the future?

Farmers face more challenges each year, and John Deere is continuing to make considerable investments in resources to help solve these challenges for farmers. If you follow John Deere news, you have likely seen that they are planning a future of electrification, autonomy, and artificial intelligence. New John Deere tractors offer the latest in John Deere technology, and they plan to offer more throughout the future. Continue reading to learn more about the farming technology John Deere plans to have available by 2030.




A common misconception of electrification is that batteries will be the power source. When John Deere talks about the future of farming and electrification, they mean electrical drives in place of engines and hydraulics. Electric motors are lighter, more reliable, and more efficient and offer huge torque at low speeds.


Zero Emission Compact Utility Tractor

With its size and features based on the John Deere 1R Series, an electric compact utility tractor will feature high PTO power to allow you to mow for up to 4.5 hours on one battery charge. The plan behind an electric compact utility tractor is to offer high performance with low noise and zero emissions.


eAutoPowr Transmission

Imagine a more efficient and wear-free drive, with up to 100kW of electrical power put towards external consumption. This is the idea John Deere is working towards with eAutoPowr. eAutoPowr is an electro-mechanical power split continuously variable transmission and the first of its kind.




Autonomy is not meant to replace the operator. The goal is to use technology to help create the best operators. John Deere has been working with autonomy technology for a while, which started with the offer of the hands-free guidance of AutoTrac™. The new John Deere S700 combine offers Integrated Combine Adjust to maintain the operator's pre-set levels by making real-time, automatic adjustments.


Autonomous Electric Tractor

The new concept for a John Deere autonomous tractor is a compact electric drive unit with integrated attachments. With the option to be equipped with either wheels or tracks, this autonomous tractor would offer 500kW total output. Additionally, an electric drive would have zero operating emissions, low noise, and less wear and maintenance costs.



Semi-Autonomous Tractor

A semi-autonomous tractor equipped with an integrated crop sprayer is also on the radar for John Deere's future. This tractor would include a built-in camera to work in row crops. User exposure to pesticides will be reduced with the fully automatic filling station used to fill the sprayer tank.


Autonomous Drone Sprayer

Precise pesticide application will be a breeze with an autonomous drone sprayer. The drone will scan weeds from the air and apply pesticides where needed. A field boundary station will automatically fill the 10.6-liter tank and recharge the battery. A fully charged battery will offer 30 minutes of flight time. Another great benefit of an aerial application is that it can be done regardless of the ground conditions.



Autonomous Sprayer

Lighter than the current self-propelled sprayers, the John Deere autonomous sprayer will offer a 560-liter spray tank and can enter fields even after rain without risk of soil compaction. This autonomous sprayer will be versatile with four-wheel steering and 1.9-meter ground clearance.


Artificial Intelligence

John Deere’s CommandCab looks into the future for the new possibilities of artificial intelligence while keeping the farmer in control. CommandCab offers an entirely new idea of operating with joystick controls, touchscreen displays, and all machine components networking. The cab will become the new command center of your operations with the addition of real-time weather information and individual pre-settings and management procedures.


Which new technologies are currently available?

John Deere consistently works to keep new, advanced technologies available to farmers. 2022 had exciting new technology announced, and more is in store for 2023.


New technology introduced in 2022

In January 2022, John Deere introduced the fully autonomous 8R tractor at CES. Six pairs of stereo cameras help provide a complete 360-degree obstacle and distance detection, while the GPS guidance systems keep the tractor operating accurately. These 8R autonomous tractors are ready for production and will be available for order soon.



New technology to be introduced in 2023

The model year 2023 8 Series John Deere tractors are seeing new technology and power with the offer of a stepless Electric Variable Transmission (EVT). This will provide smoother operations, precise speed control, and enhanced drivability for 410+ horsepower 8 Series tractors.

See & Spray™ Ultimate will be available as a factory-installed option in the model year 2023 John Deere 410R, 412R, and 612R sprayers. With more targeted spraying of non-residual herbicides, operators can reduce herbicide costs by automatically spraying when mounted cameras detect weeds instead of spraying across the entire field.



Where can I find precision agriculture technology near me?

Find all the John Deere precision agriculture technology and support you need at Koenig Equipment.


What precision ag packages are available?

Koenig Equipment offers a variety of precision agriculture packages to fit your needs. Choose the option that is the right fit for you and your operation to make sure you get the support you need without paying for what you don’t.

Koenig Equipment Precision Service Package options include:

  • Platinum Equipment & Data Management Support Package
  • Data Management Package
  • Precision Equipment Setup Package
  • Post-Season Data Upload
  • Data Cleanup
  • Precisions Ag Service
  • Map Printing
  • RTK Driven Boundary Creation with Gator
  • MyJohnDeere Operations Center™ Account Setup/Training


Who can guide me with my precision ag needs?

The trained Optimization Specialists at your local Koenig Equipment have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your precision agriculture technology needs. Whether you are just starting in the precision ag world or want to add more precision technology to your operation, your local Koenig Equipment Optimization Specialists can help you with every step.


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