Guide to Gravely Mowers

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When it comes to maintaining a well-groomed lawn, having the right mower can make all the difference. Gravely, a trusted name in the industry, offers a wide range of high-quality mowers suitable for homeowners, professional landscapers, small businesses, and more.

From zero-turn mowers to commercial mowers, Gravely delivers exceptional maneuverability, speed, durability, and productivity in every model. Continue reading to learn about the variety of mowers Gravely offers to fit your needs.



What are the different types of mowers Gravely offers?

Gravely specializes in top-of-the-line mowers designed to meet your specific lawn care needs. Whether you’re looking for a zero-turn mower, stand-on mower, or walk-behind mower; Gravely delivers the power, performance, and precision for a professional-quality cut.


Zero-turn mowers

Gravely zero-turn mowers exceed expectations of comfort, speed, style, and precision, making them an ideal option for large lawns or commercial use. There are several options available for both residential and commercial use.


Residential zero-turn mowers

Gravely residential zero-turn mowers are perfect for homeowners who want a professional-grade machine to maintain their lawns. Gravely offers the ZT HD Series, ZT X Series, and ZT XL Series zero-turn mowers. These residential zero-turns provide a professional cut with ease thanks to their powerful engines and cutting decks ranging from 42 to 60 inches.



Commercial zero-turn mowers

Gravely commercial mowers are engineered for professional landscapers and groundkeepers who require maximum durability and performance.

Gravely’s commercial zero-turn mowers are built to withstand heavy-duty use. Six different commercial zero-turn series are available from Gravely, allowing you to find the perfect model for your needs easily. The Pro-Turn 100 Series, 300 Series, 500 Series, and 600 Series provide superior productivity, durability, and comfort features that owners can rely on to tackle demanding jobs easily. The Pro-Turn ZX Series brings the power and the Pro-Turn Mach One Series specializes in overgrown, tough properties.



Electric zero-turn mowers

Gravely recognizes the growing demand for eco-friendly lawn care solutions. The Pro-Turn EV Electric Commercial Mower offers a zero-emissions performance without sacrificing power or efficiency.

The EV 60 model has a 60-inch deck and a forward ground speed of 11 mph, meaning you can cover up to 6.1 acres in just 60 minutes. The quiet operation extends the available hours of use, allowing the work to be completed in the cool hours of the morning without disturbing anyone.

You can mow for a full day with FusionCore QuikSwap batteries, the industry’s first swappable lithium-ion battery system! The proprietary spindles allow you to rest assured, knowing they are there to protect you from any accidental run-ins with unseen obstacles.  



Stand-on commercial mowers

Stand-on commercial mowers continue to grow in popularity with their compact size, agility, and comfortable operator’s station. Gravely’s Pro-Stance series, including models like Pro-Stance 36 and Pro-Stance 48, offer exceptional maneuverability that allows operators to navigate tight spaces while still delivering a superior cut.

With easily adjustable decks and a suspension platform that absorbs vibration, these mowers are designed to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue, making them an excellent choice for commercial purposes.


Walk-behind commercial mowers

Gravely’s walk-behind commercial mowers are built to easily handle larger areas and rough terrains. The Pro-Walk Hydro series, featuring models like the Pro-Walk 36 and Pro-Walk Hydro 48, provides robust performance, precise control, and excellent traction, making them a perfect fit for any challenging landscaping project. These mowers provide versatility and maneuverability, allowing operators to achieve professional-grade results in any environment.


Where can I find a Gravely mower near me?

Gravely mowers can be found at 12 Koenig Equipment locations across Indiana and Ohio. Contact the trained team at Koenig to find the right mower for your needs!


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